Wii outsells PS3 in the USA

The American games market saw more than twice as many Wii consoles sold as PlayStation 3s during November, according to data from research group NPD.

But neither company was able to keep pace with Microsoft's Xbox 360, which sold 511,000 units during November - no doubt greatly helped by the launch of blockbuster title Gears of War.

Both Wii and PS3 launched in the US during November amid stock shortages, although Nintendo and Sony have since reiterated their 2006 shipment goals.

Nintendo has said it aims to sell more than four million Wii consoles worldwide this year, having since launched in both Japan and Europe.

Sony, meanwhile, is aiming for one million units sold in the USA, with Japan also struggling for stock and a European launch expected in March.

Microsoft says it is on track to hit an installed-base figure of 10 million units by the end of 2006.

Last generation, according to figures provided by each company, Sony sold more than 111 million PlayStation 2 consoles worldwide, while Microsoft sold more than 24 million Xbox consoles and Nintendo 21 million GameCubes.

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calderra4333d ago

Nevermind the fact that both Wii and PS3 sold every unit they produced, and that 360 wasn't far behind in terms of selling out stock- PS3 is in last place because of disinterested consumers. That's it.


Juevani4333d ago

PS3 is in the last place becus Sony only shipped around 200,000 k and they're all sold, nitendo shipped 600,000 k and sold near 450,000 out of them, 360 have millions out there and they sold just 511,000, so in that way PS3 is the winner, in another way they cant compare them before there is PS3,Wii or 360's in stores and they didnt get sold.. never mind the numbers for now, the real number we'll come by the end of next year.. peace

TheXgamerLive4333d ago

Ps3 was and is in last place period!

TheXgamerLive4333d ago

Less than 80,000 for Japan. Ya dig.

commadore654333d ago

Any sales figures at this point are pointless to take notice of. Launches are not indicitive of sales in the future.

I often wonder why this stuff gets so much interest, surely it only effects people who are share holders.

I'm beginning to wish i had bought some shares in Nintendo as I inteded doing early this year.

jacen10004333d ago

360 over ps3 in my books but the wii over both i have a 360 i also got a wii totally different machines. im lovin wii its so different

Bill Nye4333d ago

I've seen too many of versions of this article... as if it's supposed to mean something important.

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