Hopeless Petition for Bloodborne on PC Closes Just Shy of 50,000 Signatures;Shows the Game's Success

About a year ago, a weirdly-titled petition on emerged, pleading (in a rather aggressive way) for a PC port of the PS4 exclusive Bloodborne.

Today the petition was closed. While it was hopeless, the huge number of signatures achieved is definitely a testament to the success of the game and on the value of From Software as a developer.

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BiggerBoss1226d ago

Who can blame PC gamers for wanting to play Bloodborne though, its a great game:)

guitarded771226d ago

A great game, yes, but it's a Sony property. Are they high? Anyone with at least a few brain cells knows it's not coming to PC, and Sony's response would be "We'll sell you a PS4". Sony isn't investing money into Sony OWNED exclusives to bring them to PC... they're doing it to sell PS4's. If the PS4 could sell itself without games, they wouldn't make them.

joab7771226d ago

Exactly. And Sony will probably either pony up more money for a BB sequel or another new Miyazaki IP. I'm split as to what I want too.

Dark Souls is the From game that will keep coming, and to all mediums, b/c it isn't owned by Sony. I'm interested though to see which parts of BB'S combat are coming to DS3.

It would be amazing to see DS3 keep the depth throughout but either speed up combat a bit or differentiate classes dramatically. For example, have a rogue like class that moves like BB, while also having the slow turtle option. And of course magic too. DS3 could be the culmination of everything great in From's games.

Also, imagine a DS'S world with the beauty and detail of Yarnham.

mikeslemonade1226d ago

Don't do it. Where's the petition to not bring it to the PC? Link it to me.

breakpad1226d ago Show
TRU3_GAM3R1226d ago Show
claudionmc1226d ago

@TRU3_GAM3R omg, look at all of those petitions! thousands of thousands of... Eh, no

ShottyGibs1226d ago

That's it. It's seems like a good game. As futile as the petition was I don't get all the PC hate. Can't knock people for trying

peshkavusCA1226d ago

SONY is an evil evil company who doesn't share a game that deserve better graphics.

callahan091226d ago

@TRU3_GAM3R: I'm not sure about Ryse, but I do know that the other 3 games there are perfectly reasonable to petition to release on other machines, because none of those IPs are owned by Microsoft, they COULD be on PS4 if the property holders wanted to do so. Not quite the same as asking for Bloodborne on PC when everyone should understand that it's Sony's IP, not From Software's. I don't know if Ryse is owned by MS, though, if it is, then that's a good example from you, but I don't know.

NeckBeardBSMTDweller1225d ago

Yeah, because Sony doesnt need the money from the PC sales. Said no one, ever.

BellePelouse1225d ago

It's a no brainer that this will nevere get on PC, but still I would have bought it again to play with my PC only friends

BeefCurtains1225d ago

Note to self: never wish for a Sony PS4 game because PS4 gamers will disagree with you for wanting it. What an exclusive club!

There are just as many people on all sides of the coin that want each other's exclusives. NEWS FLASH; they do it that way on purpose so you have to buy their system! But reading these countless comments bashing the "PC master race" for wanting Bloodborne, well that just makes you all sound like sad PS4 fanboys. Because there have been hundreds of PS4 petitions for X1 games.

True gamers enjoy games with other gamers regardless of console type.

StrawberryDiesel4201225d ago

Yep, same thing with Demon's Souls. There's no way I would miss out on that and Bloodborne. Basically bought each console with those specific games being huge selling points for me.

ShinMaster1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

They're associating Bloodborne with the Dark Souls games, which the shouldn't, so they feel entitled.
Even though it's a Sony property and was commissioned by Sony in the first place.

But then again, despite all the bragging PC fanboys do, they're always port begging console games. So I'm not surprised.

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sonic9891226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

PC master race haahaaaaaaaaa one thing is for sure they are indeed special XD.
they act as they are smart ( believe me most arent ) yet they cant understand the simple fact that Sony computer entertainment isnt a PC publisher in fact they have a system called the playstation and they need to support it, quite probably their little master race minds couldnt handle the fact that they are missing a great game , in reality they are missing many but nevermind they still have indies multi plats and MMOs XD .

Vegamyster1226d ago

Oh stop generalizing, every platform has people begging for each others games.

Allsystemgamer1226d ago

Pc still has a bunch of exclusives consoles will never see.

TXIDarkAvenger1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Don't act like its limited to just certain people who game on PC. IIRC there was a petition to bring Ryse: Son of Rome to PS4, Tomb Raider to PS4/PC, Diablo 3 to consoles. Honestly, I could easily make a whole list.

It's truly disgusting to see your comment and alike have so many agrees. There people who make these retarded petitions on every platform.

sonic9891226d ago

@allsystemgamer .
quite probably i dont care about all of them beside all big games come to consoles and the manufactures also support the systems with high quality games so we never miss a thing except some indies and mmos and very rarely big games .
i respect your opinion but no one is as arrogant as the PC fans yes stupidness has its fair share on all systems but pc fans took to a whole new level with arrogance .
it was more disgusting to read yours as you couldnt understand what i meant with my comment it was directed to the arrogant pc fans who deserve every bit of humiliation they get , and not the great people who enjoy their games and let others enjoy as well .

TheDevKit1226d ago

You've got to remember that 50,000 makes up not even a small percentage of the PC user base, and the petition was also likely signed by individuals outside of it as well.

someOnecalled1226d ago

you know 50000 is not a lot. and i wouldnt be surprise if this wasnt signed by sony fanboys to make themselves feel superior.

if you want to see port begging look no further than every gaming website. its mostly PS fanboys thats doing the begging, or bashing games then acting like its exclusives once its ported.

Stringerbell1226d ago

Prove to me that no one is as arrogant as the PC fans. Don't down vote I'd actually like to see the proof...

slappy5081226d ago

@Sonic "no one is as arrogant as pc fans"
The irony it burns! especially further reading comments like "they deserve every bit of humiliation they can get"
Your comments also further illustrate that elitism exists in console gamers too. As funny as reading this was, gamers like you truly piss me off

sonic9891226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

@ every response .
i dont care about your opinions stop wasting your time and my time .
see how easy it is .
it was my pleasure, keep being blind its not like the rest of the gaming medium are angels i never said that and they also deserve to be humiliated for their childish acts, but since you felt entitled to the category i just described so it will be my pleasure to piss you off .

Vegamyster1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

"i respect your opinion but no one is as arrogant as the PC fans yes stupidness has its fair share on all systems but pc fans took to a whole new level with arrogance ."

Oh give me a break, there was a petition from a console gamer that got 14k signatures begging Rockstar not to put the game on PC due to piracy, funny enough the game last i check the PC version sold about the same as the Xone version despite taking over a year to come out:

Since each platform has millions of users i don't generalize them based on a very small minority.

sonic9891225d ago

i respect you man dont be like the others please look at the bigger picture i am not even considering this petition as a reason we need to figure where it all started ( the arrongance i mean ) i honestly dont know .
but from all over the web at least in my experience i saw a whole lot of idiots but the PC guys had the biggest share in that i am not implying others arent like that .
and about GTA compare the X1 install base with the PC install base those numbers are poor but then again thats not my topic and i am not discussing that right now.
stop defending and feeling entitled why do you defend people you dont feel like you belong too i am sure you are a nice guy lets assume that i dont know you personally so act like it , say this is wrong and this is right where ever you see it regardless of your preference does the pc suffer from piracy yes it does are consoles closed and not open yes they are .

Utalkin2me1225d ago


You really shouldn't say people are not smart. Cause you have terrible grammar and punctuation.

ginsunuva1225d ago

These idiots who signed the petition are not true members of our master race. We apologize on their behalf for their behavior.

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LegoIsAwesome1226d ago

Making fun of the console race but in the end they whine and felt betrayed. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAHA. Gaddamit. How funny does pc master race can get? :)

alvgamin4lif1225d ago

What are you trying to prove by listing those closed petitions here? Other than titanfall, the others are also requesting for pc or a wii u port. However you are trying to make it look like that only ps4 fans are creating petitions. Also none of them come close to the numbers of sigs in this bloodborne petition.

showtimefolks1225d ago

It's a awesome game and Sony owns the ip. But hear me out, do y'all think it's a bad idea maybe to do bloodborne complete edition on ps4/pc in q2 2016? By than most anybody who wants it on ps4 would have played it already?

I am a ps4 only gamer but it's such am amazing game that I actually want more people to experience the greatness

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-Foxtrot1226d ago

"About a year ago"

If they saved a pound a day they could most likely of afforded to buy a PS4 by now.

freshslicepizza1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

you could also save and buy other systems too instead of wanting certain games that are not announced for the ps4. see, it works both ways.

Germany71226d ago

He is talking about the PS4 because the article it's about an exclusive that will be released only on the Sony platform.
It's not that difficult to understand.

-Foxtrot1226d ago

Way to be off topic

Not surprised though


Thanks but don't waste your time with him, you'll get nowhere.

Army_of_Darkness1226d ago


Did I somehow missed the part where ps4 owners were crying for an exclusive that was on another platform here?! wTF?! LOL!

SilentNegotiator1226d ago


You don't seriously need to have the context of this article explained to you, do you?

johndoe112111226d ago

What the hell????? You won the "most senseless comment of the day" award, congrats.

DragonKnight1225d ago

Ah saltybread, you aren't even trying anymore are you? You've let your game slip.

See, unlike the others I'm actually going to explain what you're wrong about.

Yeah, one could have saved for other systems just as they could have saved for a PS4 or even a part of a brand new PC.

But then, how would that help them if they want Bloodborne? I could save up for an Xbox One so I can get Rise of the Tomb Raider, but it's not a Microsoft IP so the likelihood of it coming to PS4 is not 0. I could save up for a part of a PC to get some PC game, but it wouldn't be Bloodborne now would it?

Or, and this is where the point seems to rocket over your head, I could have spent that year NOT signing a petition for a hopeless cause and instead put aside 3 dollars each day and have enough at the end of that year for a PS4, Bloodborne, and a year's subscription to PS+

That way, I'm not saving for a game that will likely be multiplat, or a part of a platform for games that aren't the one that I would really want.

Was that easy enough for you to understand?

alvgamin4lif1225d ago

Lol what? He was talking about the ps4 since pc players were begging for a pc port of bloodborne (an ip that sony owns btw). Way to fly off the ramp here :/

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freshslicepizza1226d ago

he's done it in many other topics about exclusive games too, just proving that there is indeed a large pc audience that wouldn't mind this game just like foxtrot's request for earlier witcher games to come to the ps4 and bayonetta 2? so why is he so quick to point out to save for a ps4 now? oh wait, i know.

yes we know bloodborne is a ps4 exclusive game and it is a damn good game by the looks of it. nothing wrong with more people hoping it comes to the pc without the need to buy a ps4. just like so many hoped bayonetta 2 does and tomb raider does to the ps4. so why have double standards is all i'm saying.

-Foxtrot1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Requesting the Witcher to get a remaster for BOTH consoles and talking about Bayonetta 2 that it would be nice to play it with a controller of my preference (something at the end of my comment) is now being off topic

Unlike Bayonetta 2 where Nintendo only acted as the publishers, Bloodborne was Distributed by Sony Computer Entertainment, published by SCE Japan Studio and From Software had a history in the beginning of making Sony games with Kings Field and Armored Core. Armored Core being an exclusive to Sony up to Armored Core 4. Unlike Platinum Games who never had a preference to a company before Nintendo

The chances of this being on other consoles is much slimmer then Bayonetta 2 coming to other consoles. Witcher has more of a chance then both of them since they were going to bring it to the Xbox 360 (from the PC) years ago but decided against it.

It's nice to be open minded but it's probably not going to come to the PC

Chevalier1226d ago

Sony owns the Bloodborne IP though? How do they benefit from bringing their system seller to PC?! Tomb Raider is owned by Square Enix not MS and Bayonetta is only published by Nintendo so how are those cases alike? If Nintendo/MS owned the IP's then it might make sense.

sephiroth4201226d ago

i wish every game was multiplatform, not everyone has the money to be buying all these consoles aswell as the games.

freshslicepizza1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )


that's the point i'm trying to get across. what i still don't understand is this thought process that keeping it exclusive makes a difference to the consumer who seems to be advocating it remain exclusive. why? why would they care now if it came out for the pc? it's already available on the ps4, what difference does it make now to them? yes i know chances are slim to none but the attitude should not exist acting like a road block.

how can the same person hope for sunset overdrive to come to the ps4 while in the same breath tell people to buy a ps4 for this game? we are going on a year now for sunset overdrive, has he saved enough now for an xbox one?

it's a vicious circle here because some people are closely guarded to what they want to happen while trying to ride the fine line of pretending it's all about the games.

zeuanimals1226d ago

The point of exclusives is that they are games that wouldn't be made without 1st party funding or development. If MS, Nitnendo, and Sony didn't own studios, the studios that they could've owned would try to work for a 3rd party publisher but it's not a guaranteed that the publisher will take them. They also often don't get to keep their IPs if they leave the publisher and lots of studios leave publishers due to creative differences and policies they don't like and don't want to enact. Same happens with 1st parties but it's much less frequent, devs also like to take the jobs they can get and if a 1st party is the only one offering, like in the case of Bayonetta 2, then why wouldn't they take the chance to actually make the game and not sit on their hands until a 3rd party asks them?

If MS, Nintendo, or Sony made their exclusives available on other platforms, people wouldn't buy their platform and they'd start dying off or turning into a normal 3rd party. It would be nice if they could do this but it's not a sustainable business strategy.

The reason why we want them to have a sustainable business strategy is because if they don't have one, then they go down and we don't see any games from them again. If they choose to become a 3rd party, then they could still have a big presence in the industry but a lot of the unique qualities about them know longer apply. And it's unclear what'd happen if it became a 2 or 1 "person" race. People tend to cling to the idea of a bad monopoly, this could be the case but this could also be a bad business strategy and lead to the downfall of gaming or just consoles.

freshslicepizza1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )


if you need to approach outside developers to make your product more appealing then what does that say about your product in the first place?

you see, a lot of the reasons why people don't invest in pc gaming is the costs. meaning there will always be a demand for consoles and pc gaming to co-exist. this is why adam boyles was so vocal about how street fighter v is to remain console exclusive forever. they see their immediate threat is the xbox one, not the pc. sony is also involved with that game. so why do we as consumers flip flop all over the place like a dying fish only because we have some weird concept that we pretend to be stock holders for these companies?

so once again i shake my head at this notion it is your job or anyone else to be a vocal advocate for bloodborne to remain exclusive. the idea of a pc port now makes no difference to anyone who has the game already on their ps4.

and all the stealth disagrees just proves people are more interested in sony doing well than from software.

Chevalier1226d ago

The stealth disagrees as you refer to them are because your logic makes no sense at all. You say we advocate for Sony then advocate for the PC crowd yourself? How is the PC crowd lacking exclusives? You mention SF V and how we suggest it should be exclusive then forget to mention it's coming to PC as well?!

From Software has already released Dark Souls 1 and 2 for PC. They don't need Bloodborne, they already have a bunch of exclusives like Witcher 1, Star Citizen etc.

Why would any company pay for and own IP's only to up and give up what draws customer's to buy their hardware?! Even if they were going to do that from a business aspect it has to make sense. 50,000 sales wouldn't even recoup the cost of porting or publishing the game.

1,000,000 >>> 50,000

Would you pay millions of your own capital then give up your own leverage and release on competing systems?! Each platform has its strengths and games are tailored to those crowds.

DragonKnight1225d ago

saltybread I think you need to understand that people aren't as obsessed about other people's past comments on other threads as you are, so when you come into a new thread and start talking as though everyone knows your thought pattern and that in actuality what you're doing is following around commentators in some self-imposed crusade to pick away at certain member's comments in order to, I don't know, "fix" the site to be what you want it to be, you're making no sense and just looking petty and salty.

The thing you don't understand about the difference between PC exclusivity and console exclusivity is that PC exclusivity literally holds no benefit to the developer. No one is going out to buy or build a PC for one game. Console exclusivity is immensely beneficial to the console maker, the game developer, and the consumer. Here's a breakdown as to why.

Console Maker: Should be obvious. An exclusive game means you have to actually buy the console to play it, which means more money for them.

Game developer: Exclusives are normally the result of partnerships. This means that either development of the game is completely funded, or at least the publishing/marketing/distribut ion of it is. This means less expenses on the developer end.

Consumer: Exclusive games have the benefit of not needing to cater to multiple configurations. This generally means a better made game in terms of stability, performance, and appearance.

If all games were multiplat, we'd have no need for multiple consoles to begin with.

Why these concepts are so difficult for you to understand begs the question of how you can consider yourself anything more than a basic video game player.

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ginsunuva1225d ago

PC gamers can easily afford $400.

But these guys are in the minority, either they are poor PC wannabe gamers, or too elitist.

Snookies121226d ago

It's an exclusive... No number of signatures is going to change that. It's up to From Software to decide whether or not to bring this to PC eventually. Either way, it's a great incentive to buy a PS4. One of the best games I've played in years.

KimikoGaming1226d ago

As far as gameplay goes, it is by far my favorite Souls game as well.

It is a very good reason to buy a PS4, and I doubt it will get a PC remake, as Sony published it and owns the trademark as well.

Snookies121226d ago

I agree, I really enjoyed the faster combat. Not to mention I just loved the scenery. The horror theme of the game really makes it stand out. Only thing I can really nit pick about is that it lacked the variety of armor and weaponry that Dark Souls had.

KimikoGaming1226d ago

BloodBorne mostly lacked content. It had the least amount of content out of all of the souls games. Not as many characters, not as many side quests, not as many trophies, not as many weapons and armor, etc.

But the content was really its only major flaw. Everything else was amazing. Hell, BloodBorne still has a lot of content compared to many other games out there.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1226d ago

Sony owns the bloodborne IP so from software don't really get to decide

Snookies121226d ago

Ah, I didn't realize that. Well then, there we go. The petition is even more pointless.

Haru1226d ago

actually Sony owns the IP and Sony is the publisher, so From software couldn't bring this to pc even if they wanted to because it's up to Sony not to them

_-EDMIX-_1226d ago

" It's up to From Software to decide whether or not to bring this to PC eventually"

Its not even that. Sony owns the IP, not From Software.

Melankolis1226d ago

Why PC gamers bother..?

As they said all the time, they can play 1080p - 60fps - highest setting, and all the numbers....But no Bloodborne...?

This is where their mistake is, they play "NUMBERS", we play GAMES...

Allsystemgamer1226d ago

Pc has its own exclusives. Star citizen is one of them.

slappy5081226d ago

Oh dont come with that! WHenever a multiplatform game article pops up that says its 1080p and ps4 and 900p on xbox one the comment section gets littered.

Melankolis1226d ago


Yes true,
They all should just play the game whether it's 900p or 1080p. I know its a bit disappointing when our favorite platform performed below expectation, but at least the games are available for us.

That's why talking about "NUMBERS" (proc, VGA, RAM, fps, 2k/4k) becomes irrelevant when the game you want to play isn't available for you.

NeverHeavyMan1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

The petition was certainly pointless. Makes me wonder why people didn't just seek out the info that Bloodborne was 1st party IP.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1225d ago

This might be common knowledge for us. But trust me, average person has no clue bloodborne is a Sony owned IP.

NeverHeavyMan1225d ago

@ Kenshin: If the average person was on these boards, I'd agree. People on the net (the folks commenting and submitting petitions), however, should certainly have been aware.

DragonKnight1225d ago

"It's up to From Software to decide whether or not to bring this to PC eventually."

Actually Sony owns the IP, so it's up to them. All FromSoft can do is make DarkBorne and put that on the other platforms.

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Cindy-rella1226d ago

What a waste of time. Either you buy a ps4 to play this game or you do without playing it. A lot of these petitions to play certain games are just a waste. To each their own

DanielGearSolid1226d ago

Imagine if Sony just said f*** it. And released it for PC after a few yrs

MrSwankSinatra1226d ago

Sony doesn't do that with IP's they own.