E3 2015: Nintendo Predictions, Rumors, And Expectations

Nintendo is notorious for its inscrutability at big events like E3. While there are plenty of previously-revealed games we’re sure to see more of, it’s a bit harder to pin down what sorts of surprises they might have in store…which is all the better because then they’re, you know, surprises.

There are a few things we will definitely NOT see. Nintendo’s already announced that they won’t be talking about their next-gen console, the NX, at E3, nor will they be discussing mobile gaming. For them, it’s all about upcoming console and handheld games. They’ve also announced that we won’t see the new Legend of Zelda game at E3 this year…sorry, we’ll have to wait til 2016.

Nintendo has a host of games already announced for 2015 that are looking for release dates, and they’ve hinted pretty strongly toward other information that seems fitting for E3.

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