Xbox One Oculus Rift Partnership Video featuring Phil Spencer

The demo and announcement of the Xbox One controller and game streaming partnership with the Oculus Rift.

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Brotard1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Wow that demo sure was a great sales pitch.........................

Mr Pumblechook1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

When Spencer spoke in EDGE magazine he poo-pood Morpheus VR saying it was not a 'now now thing.' But the premature reveal of HoloLens (great tech, not consumer ready) and this Oculus partnership suggest Microsoft were caught behind the curve when it comes to VR and wanted to be included in the conversation. But streaming an XBO game to Oculus Rift so you can view a game in 2D at a distance seems an expensive and clumsy solution to associate the Xbox brand with VR.

HoloLens AND Oculus, this indicates he has no definitive solution for the future of VR and AR and he is hedging his bets but this lack of a firm vision means XBO owners won't have a native VR product.

Since taking over Xbox Phil Spencer has some good success in gaining market share in the USA, but much as I admire how he has turned things around this is his first major mess-up.

freshslicepizza1278d ago

so does this mean forza will use oculus rift or does oculus rift just utilize the room around you? seems bizarre that it showed the whole room while playing the game but was not part of the game.

aceitman1278d ago so true here is the story Phil says its not a now thing

miyamoto1278d ago

must Microsoft "buy success" all the time instead of earning or making it?

Where is the innovation in buying someone else's work?

Godmars2901278d ago

@Mr Pumblechook:
Hololens comes off as being purely for PC use while Oculus probably uses the PC as a bridge to play XB0 games. Meanwhile Morpheus, running off a single system, will possibly become the low powered option.

Regardless, all of this is a technical win-win for the Xbox brand and Oculus. One getting VR tech, the other more viable platform access than if they were on their own.

4Sh0w1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

That wasn't good, I mean using the X1 controller with Oculus its nice but they need games built from the ground up for Oculus for it to be any good. Also streaming X1 games to Oculus is a nice side option(make it full view) but where's the Oculus devs with a special preview of a exclusive Oculus experience????

Who the hell is going to buy this expensive device just to stream X1 games??? lol, Nobody.

Oculus does not belong to Microsoft though, they are just partnering with them to have some connection to the VR space, and Oculus gets excellent controller support/streaming. lol HoloLens demo stuff is a helluva a lot more exciting than this, but again I blame Oculus devs for not having something "Oculus Exclusive" to show off for this would have been better if they didn't show anything and just announced the partnership 'cause that was a lazy thrown together short demo. smh & lol

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SniperControl1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

"did she crash, is that why people are laughing?"

No Phil, they are laughing at the video showing a woman sat on a real sofa with a VR strapped to her head and playing a game, in which she is playing a game while sat on a virtual sofa, they are thinking what's the point.

-Foxtrot1278d ago


The whole things seems to be a "We're doing VR too...........(kind of)" thing

Thatguy-3101278d ago

I feel bad for him. Awkward silent kills confidences! I like how he's always a good sport though.

MasterCornholio1278d ago

The poor guy also had to go through the XB1 price announcement. I really felt bad for him.

GenuineGamer1278d ago

Yeah im a big xbox fan, and even i am not impressed at all. I think its a cool feature to have a virtual room, but surely that cant be it?

I would expect that to be a single feature and then having games in the future taking full advantage of VR putting you inside the game.

But at the end the dude said hes excited for the future, maybe having your friends sitting in the room too? wtf.. i don't care about that.

Its no wonder nobody clapped. I feel sorry for Phil having to present that.

Spid3r61278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Its as restarted as playing your Sony PS4 on a very small screen when your 65 inch TV is in front of you!

_-EDMIX-_1278d ago other companies have partnered with OR and they actually have VR content. All this is, is a fancy display. To own a PC that can use OR and lets say an XONE, I just don't see many people spending more time streaming a display of other games through a PC...on a XONE, just because.

The more interesting story out of this is actually the other teams making OR games. To use OR it requries quite a lot of power, this would mean that to own one, is to have a PC that can support it and for companines to be making VR games to support it (or games that can support it as an option) means quite a lot. ...publishers are making content for PC's, for a device, that requires 970 gtx etc.

That is bigger news imho then MS giving controls with OR and having it as a display, as anyone getting OR or even if your planning to use a gamepad on PC, would likely use MS's own, as even myself have a 360 PC controller for certain games.

SkippyPaccino1277d ago

Lol! Very true

Let me get this straight, you're basically saying that you'll need a capable pc, a xbox one, a TV or pc monitor and a oculust rift just to play Tomb Raider in 720p 30fps in a virtual world? Why wouldn't a person who invested between 1200$ to 2000$ dollars on a rig would play the ugliest version of a game? Why wouldn't they just skip the Xbox one and play the prettiest version altogether? Lol!

I know it's not all about graphics, but to a shallow pc crowd it is...

I'm not even sure Oculust is even that impressive, since we have no games to go by. They are very dependent on Steam gaming service to make it all happen and valve is also making its own VR solution. What would happen if valve would only allow it's own VR to work with steam? The rift would be a very expensive paper weight... I'm not saying it's going to happen, but it could.

I know everyone is counting sony out (except the loyalist) they truly have a real shot at being the go to for VR gaming, especially if it sells well, you'll have every publisher making games for it (or add ons to their existing game)

The oculust is a great little piece of thech, but how many headsets are they really going to sell? 3 million? 5millions? How many pc on the planet have specs actually able to run it properly (not bare minimum)? Morpheus has a potential to sell 20 millions if priced right. You might not have the prettiest version of a VR experience, but I don't think people care that much...

SniperControl1277d ago

Games like Project CARS, Elite:Dangerous and Alien Isolation prove that VR works and it works very well.

I have had the privilege of owning a DK2 for nearly a year now and it has changed the way i game forever, i dont think i can ever go back to playing racing/flying sims on a flat screen again(Here's hoping GT7 has Morpheus support), i cant say much for Morpheus as i have never tried it, but the PS4 was built with Morpheus in mind, so it should work to it's strengths,
MS are once again late to the game and are playing catch up by buying a tinned item from the shelf, this whole streaming concept feels rushed and last minute, trying to take some of the thunder away from Sony.
Even some of the hardcore Xbox guys on here cant see the point in it.

As for sales, we'll just have to see, i think the Rift is being aimed at the high end gaming PC users such as myself(which in itself is a big market) and Morpheus is being aimed at the more hardcore PS4 user, unless they release a cutesy kart/sport/fruitslash type of game with it to get the odd casual interested.

SkippyPaccino1277d ago


I guess we'll only know early next year how the VR landscape shapes up. I'm in no hurry to pick which one i'll will get (probably Morpheus since i have 400$ worth of Sony points on my Sony can't go wrong with free, lol)

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hello121278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Phil Speech well that solves it not just about xbox one. The partnership is for Windows 10, PC development of VR games, he even talks about DX12 (PC side for Rift)

The streaming stuff seems to be for xbox one owners thats cool. You own a xbox one and have a PC and you have oculus you can stream your xbox one games to it and mess with the landscape surrounding you.

MasterCornholio1278d ago

The virtual room part seems really awkward to me.

Pandamobile1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

It's actually a pretty compelling way to easily add VR to unsupported games and apps. The original Oculus Rift theatre app was actually pretty sweet.

It's not a killer feature or anything in my books, like they're trying to present here. It's more of a nifty extra feature than a selling point.

KakashiHotake1278d ago

I thought Oculus Rift said consoles weren't powerful enough? I guess the pressure is finally setting in, that and Microsoft's wallet.

MasterCornholio1278d ago

Ummm I'm pretty sure the system is powerful enough to render a virtual room and to receive a video stream from a PC.

specialguest1278d ago

You got it all twisted. The Oculus Rift was streaming the Xbox game using a PC, but that's not the point. The point is that the game was not ran natively, it was simply streaming it like PS Now. The only VR part is the room.

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