This is What Forza Looks Like on Oculus

"Microsoft's VR experience creates a room for your racing experience."

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gangsta_red1226d ago

Why would I want to strap a metal device over my head just for that?

Kayant1226d ago

To look cool loool. The use cases for this is extremely limited even then there are probably better alternatives.

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BluEx6101226d ago

Wow..... They couldn't even make it possible to do first person cock pit view. I would definitely buy an Oculus once they get that to work good. This demo is actually kind of embarrassing lol.

Kayant1226d ago


I prefer BBQ sauce tbh.

NatureOfLogic_1226d ago

Lmao, Well It's good to know that Xbox One Gamers are hyped for VR. It looks like most Xbox fans that were excited need to purchase a PS4 soon for a true console VR experience.

nX1226d ago

This is definitely the funniest news of the month, did Spencer really think that this presentation is going to impress anybody? If anything, it's a step back to what we've seen from other VR (racing) games before.

inveni01226d ago

So the idea is that instead of playing in your own house, it feels like you're playing in a cartoon theater?


Army_of_Darkness1226d ago

Exact same game and experience.... except with a helmet over your head LOL! that demo clip made me feel embarrassed smh...

fr0sty1226d ago

XO can't handle real VR, plain and simple. Good to know there's potential in the PC space, however, for better rift support and potential windows integration. Plus, if they form a good partnership with Oculus now, when the next console launches, they can build it with VR in mind.

Dir_en_grey1226d ago

Microsoft is all about misinformation and marketing.
It doesn't have to "work well" in the sense of it benefiting gamers, as long as it "works", they can market it and trick people into thinking it'll work like other Oculus games on PC like real VR.
If everybody read news sites and did their research, a lot less Xbox One would be sold.
Microsoft know exactly what they are doing and who their target is with this partnership.
And again it's sad people want to keep supporting MS.

BattleAxe1226d ago

If the video were to show Project Morpheus with Driveclub, the Sony-only people in here would be bouncing off the walls.

Dark_king1226d ago

@BattleAxe Not if it was setup like this.An it wouldn't be it would be cockpit view more then must likely with the option to move the camera behind the car with the whole screen still being filled with the game itself.

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never4get1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

To visualize what it's like to "wear" Oculus? Real Hardware test would give much more accurate on how good it really is. E3 2015 Hardware face-off between Morpheus and Oculus would be interesting.

HawaiianDreads1226d ago

Lol that video also killed my excitement for the feature. Hopefully they evolve the experience because this right here is just a buzz kill.

Scatpants1226d ago

If the virtual TV was larger than your real life TV of if you live in a crack den those would be possible reasons.

gangsta_red1226d ago

Maybe if they had dancing salsa girls from telemundo walking around with some tecante in hand, maybe I might throw that device over my noggin.

Sora_19941226d ago

But then how can you afford a darn oculus rift? And a Xbox one aaaaand a gaming pc lol

frostypants1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Why would you render the room at all, vs. just having the game take up the full view? I know this is just a demo, but it may be the worst conceived demo I have ever seen.

Thatguy-3101226d ago

Wow !!That was...ok..0.o hey at least they're trying. this is in no way competing with morpheus that actually is for games that are built from the ground up to utilize VR headset.

Nosred1226d ago

if not a game made for VR, it had been so, as a movie screen But I believe Oculus will change that for the Xbox.

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lelo2play1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

"This is What Forza Looks Like on Oculus"

That was crap... Perfect example how NOT to utilize VR.

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maybelovehate1226d ago

I guess if you don't have a TV it would be nice haha

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maybelovehate1226d ago

@The_Infected: Spending 1000 dollars on OR might mean you can't spend 1000 dollars on a tv. I am in the beta program for OR and one of the most popular apps was a virtual movie theatre. It was just like this, it simulated a Theatre with a screen you watched. And a lot of people loved it. Personally I didn't find much use for it, but I guess there is a demand.

GTgamer1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Are you Kidding Me? like Seriously who thought that was a Good Idea. i can do that without oculus Rift :/

fr0sty1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

This is so awesome! I can sit in my room playing video games and it looks like I'm sitting in another room playing video games!

"This is what we call "Third person VR". We don't put you in the game. We put you in a VR room that you play your game in. A truly innovative approach to VR."

Yo dawg, I heard you like playing video games, so we put you playing your video games into a video game!

ShottyGibs1226d ago

Ohh because its not Project Morpheus right ? lol move along fanboy child

Bobby Kotex1226d ago

I'm looking forward to the Rift next year, but damn, they really just had to shove that xbox brand down our throats.

Rimfro1226d ago

So much hate. Who cares? The only ones hyping VR are the Sony fans. If you want true VR, you'll be gaming on PC. #tistrue

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Rimgal1226d ago

It's like you're sitting at home and playing a game!

WTF is this S#$%

Rimgal1226d ago

So instead of playing forza on my xbox one on my tv in my room, I can stream the xbox one game to my pc and put on the oculus rift so I can watch my avatar sit in a room playing xbox one on the virtual screen in the room.

This is like a dream come true. /s

MONOLITHICIDE1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Your comment made my day! Bubble hahaha

LordMaim1226d ago

I could swear I was really playing Virtual Skeeball!

parkesy781226d ago

So let me get this straight they partner with oculus with a controller no one wants for vr that can stream only some xbox one games only in 2d with no vr if u have a pc to handle it as well as an xbox one ,fantastic announcement lol

Eonjay1226d ago

The quality is also horrendous. its dumb. They must have been scared to death of PM if they went off the deep end and even proposed this as an alternative to actual VR.

nX1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

It's a typical MS move though, buy your way into an industry instead of working on it yourself. This goes from Skype to Nokia to Mojang and even to the notorious 3rd party exclusive deals. This is why I just can't support this company, these practices just go against my principles.

fr0sty1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

This looks like some hastily thrown together response to something they deem a threat. A stop-gap solution until they can get a new console out that can actually handle good VR. Makes me wonder what Sony plans on showing at E3.

GrimmQuiorra1226d ago

Wait. So this basically simulates me sitting in a room playing a game while I'm sitting in a room playing a game.


MetalProxy1226d ago

LMAO! Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Not very impressive at aaaaaall. But hey MS has not been impressive since they started this current gen.

ThanatosDMC1226d ago

Best description so far. Lol

uth111226d ago

wait until they add the feature that allows you to strap on a virtual VR helmet while sitting in your virtual environment! ;)