FFXIII Goes to PC - Nvidia

Square Enix has gone PC. On the first day of the show, the Japanese game publisher announced that Final Fantasy XIII is coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 (in Europe and North America only) and PC. During a press conference following the Microsoft event, Final Fantasy XIII Producer Yoshinori Kitase discussed the new development strategy that Square Enix has taken with its upcoming games.

Aside from the new The Last Remnant game, which is being created for Xbox 360 and PS3 using Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3 externally, all new internally-developed games from Square Enix, including Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII Versus, and an untitled new massively multiplayer online game, utilize the new PC-based Crystal Tools development environment. These tools allow development teams to create cross-platform games.

"The content will be the same on all platforms," said Kitase. "However, we have yet to determine how many discs will be required for the 360 version. We'll have to consider the differences between formats. Currently the game is being built on PC, where it's actually functional. We're still focusing on making it work on PS3, so it's difficult to know how long the process of taking it to 360 will take."

Thanks to the new PC development platform, Kitase added, "Now that we're developing on a PC base, the pace is going a bit faster," Kitase said. "We haven't introduced new footage of the game, but we should be able to show something new in the near future."

Square Enix showed the beautiful pre-rendered trailer for Final Fantasy XIII at the end of the Microsoft press conference. The publisher has a big event scheduled for Tokyo next month where the first new information will be revealed on all Final Fantasy titles. Previously, the publisher released its online game, Final Fantasy XII, on Xbox 360 and PC.

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cloudman4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )


HAHA if this is true i dont care about any FF after X anymore. I wont buy FF13. It will be so gimped. Thanks MS!

azmanmanz4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

Square is too desperate about money. They may go bankcrupt sooner. Square make a big mistake by publish FF series for Xbox360 and pc. I see there is a major losses when thier games will got pirate unlike the PS3 version.

Ummm...Maybe square has received small amount of money from Microsuck...

-M4verick-4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

hahaha you guys have got to be 14 year olds.

PS3 isn't the PS2 and it's NOT EVEN CLOSE. Get over it. If you want to only play that expensive, niche console with almost NOTHING on it but delays, CGi trailers, empty promises and a Playstation symbol on the outside...than do that....but Sony have failed MISERABLY this generation. Playstation isn't the same anymore and if you think so you are HILARIOUS because its not even a little close.

PS3 lost every franchse that made it big except MGS4 which will probably end up on the 360. Don't think it can be done on the 360?? hahahahhahahahahhah

It's all hype and RHETORIC, kiddies.

PS3 has few games and inferior running/looking games at that. 360 games look ALOT better.

Crappy online with horrible voicechat.

It's just so stale feeling. My blu tooth constantly hits dead spots. The controller is old and the 360 controller is wayyyy better.

Killzone 2 is all I REALLLLY want.

PS3 is garbage. Period.

You can live in fairy tale land and only play Playstation but the media and public know the 110% TRUTH.(N4G is filled with insanely STUPID and delusional PS3 fanboys not in touch with reality of this generation)

Microsft has RUN CIRCLES around Sony this generation. Taken everything PS2 had. Done everything better and made a real gaming machine.

The only thing PS3 has done right is win Blu Ray and its STILL givin you 4-5GB installs and you're seeing them on every game now.

lol PS3 SUCKS BALLS and you are playing a crappy overhyped console becuase you're brain is the size of a peanut when you could be playing one with more than TWICE the amount of games...multiplatform games might as well be Exclusive to the 360. RPG's = Xbox 360.

Biggest failure with the most annoying, delusional fanboy's with no games to play and only CGi and gamplay trailers to talk about. PS3 seriously sucks. I think Killzone 2 is going to be huge but the console just SUCKS. They sold everyone a Blu ray player first and foremost.

Pain4751d ago

PS3 >>>PC >>>RROD2 hahahaha sucks but true.

and why not on PC they put it on Xbox 2 might as well....

Tmac4751d ago

Maverick wrote a page essay about how he cries to himself and how the boogie man touches him at night, good job bud.

-Maverick-4750d ago

ps3 is GARBAGE bro. Get over it. Or dont and it will continue being crap.

PS3 is the inferior console is EVERY MEASURABLE WAY.

PoSTedUP4750d ago

its funny that you waste all them letters when the ps3 like just came out did it not? how did the ps3 fail already?

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Iostars4751d ago

I'm... speechless. If this is true, it would be wonderful. of course, this would set those PS3 fanboys' ass on fire even worse, but who cares? I just hope that Square-Enix continue this multi-platform trend for the next FF games. we only got FF7 & 8, and 11 (to be honest, it doesn't count) and missed out on 9, 10, and 12.

Dark_Vendetta4751d ago

I already asked myself why they don't bring out a PC version of the game because of the engine. After that the 360 version was announced and now PC.
I know I'll get some disagrees for that one but I think it's quite possible that we even see Versus on the PC

GametimeUK4751d ago

well I dont see why ff13 (vs) wont be out on PC and 360 at somepoint...

JsonHenry4751d ago

They have made other FF games for the PC before, right? I know that they made an online FF game for the PC.

gambare4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

This is not a surprise, the previous final fantasies were released on PC too after the release on the playstation including the MMO FFXI:

CrazzyMan4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

long time ago in 2005-2006 Square was planning to create FFXIII exclusively for PS3.

But, after seeing Capcom strategy, with multiplatform engine(PC, PS3, X360), they decided to go in SAME way(after all they are 3rd party developers).
That`s why FFXIII was so much delayed, creating multiplatform engine for PC, PS3, X360 requires some time..

Now, after engine is complete, they will be able to create multiplatfrom games, just like Capcom do. Moreover, they will be able to release the game every year, like Lost Planet - 2007, Devil May Cry - 2008, Resident Evil 5 - 2009. Moreover, expect RE5 going to PC.))
Not to mention, there will be some Wii version even for Capcom and Square games.)

KH3 probably will be multiplatform too, looks like every Square game is now going to be multiplatform.
Which is GREAT from one point - MORE people will enjoy GREAT games, with GREAT graphics.
But also SAD, since, we won`t see trully PS3 capabilities using FF game. Though, we still will enjoy GREAT graphics, just like in LP, DMC4 and RE5, but unfortunutely, NOT awesome..
I know, that some people still don`t believe in PS3 power, but with new 1st party tittles coming, they will see how wrong they were, and what could be done, if game would be exclusive to PS3.) Time will show, maybe even on August 3rd.

I wonder, if Konami also using multiplatform engine.. that 1024x768 resolution makes wonder me.. Of`course game won`t be released for x360, BUT for PC.. i think it`s possible, after 1 or 1,5 year. 2009 summer-winter.

ruibing4751d ago

Are you excited about buying it for your PC or pirating it for your PC? Having it on the PC may improve their user base, but it will drastically lower their sales due to piracy.

RemmM4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

I knew this was going to happen! LOL!! Although lets hope its not a crappy port on PC. I'll be getting my free copy! XD

N4g_null4750d ago

@CrazzyMan how does developing for the PC slow things down? Did you even read the article square said that it speed up development and it currently runs on the PC and they are TRYING to get it to run on the PS3 meaning the PS3 is not as powerful as a PC. I know lots of people believe the cell is a chip from god but it is not it's all hype. DMC looks way better on PC than any console. If any thing the PS3 port from PC is slowing things down because it does have all the bells and whistles as the PC version. I remember seeing the real time demo's of the engine and thinking wow the PS3 can do this and now I find out it's not even running on the PS3 yet. Also the xbox 360 is more like a PC than the PS3 and it will actually port way faster.

Either way this is good for me because I don't have to get an xbox 360 now and I have plenty of PCs to play this on from the harddrive directly with out some blue ray trick to hide it's short comings. I think lots of gamers will start going back to the PC format when this game comes out.

I called this earlier though. Squareenix has a dream and no system is going to stand in their way which is a good thing. I just hope more people put this kind of effort into their games so that they have to go multiplatform to recoup cost. Now if it comes to the Wii then I will fall out of my chair laughing!

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Omega44751d ago

So what they are trying to say is that for all FF games the PC is really the lead platform and they're porting from the PC to the 360 and PS3.

Im just glad the 360 and PC are so similar so it should make the port a lot faster for an early release

mirroredderorrim4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

There's a typo:
"Previously, the publisher released its online game, Final Fantasy XII, on Xbox 360 and PC."

Final Fantasy XII was not online. XI was online.

Edit: We're starting to find out a lot of lies that Square has been spewing out for the last 4 years.

Fishy Fingers4751d ago

Now I'm torn. In theory they should actually be able to get the PC version out first, although I'm sure they wont.