Jade Raymond's I Am Alive to debut in Leipzig

VG247 has been reliably informed this morning that Assassin Creed producer Jade Raymond's next project - first-person survival game I Am Alive - will make its first proper appearance at Game Convention in Leipzig next month.

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THE_MACC4404d ago

All we need you to do now, is make a good game. And you'd be the perfect woman.

deeznuts4404d ago

No woman is perfect ... without giving you steaks and BJs on March 14th. Until then, they are flawed. - SFW nudity wise, maybe not content :D

PirateThom4404d ago

JADE RAYMOND presents I Am Alive should hopefully be good, the concept is interesting enough anyway.

Dark_Vendetta4404d ago

I'm living just few hundred km's from Leipzig but I can't go there because the same day I'm taking off to greece :( .

Captain Tuttle4404d ago (Edited 4404d ago )

Another overly ambitious, technically impressive but ultimately soulless, boring game from Ms. Raymond.

Focus on the gameplay this time Jade!

poeo4404d ago

i didn't think Assassin's Creed was soulless.. i quite liked the atmosphere and story

PwnShop4404d ago

Why is the title "Jade Raymond's I Am Alive to debut in Leipzig", not "I Am Alive to debut in Leipzig"

mistertwoturbo4404d ago

Or even "Ubisoft's I Am Alive"

beavis4play4404d ago

she isn't making the game herself.

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The story is too old to be commented.