[Competition] PS Plus 5th Anniversary Celebrations

PS EU Blog Writes: "Everyone at PlayStation would like to thank you all for your continued support of Plus. It's because of you guys that we've grown so much as a service over the last few years, and have been able to offer so many discounts, games and exclusive promotions. Therefore, as a way of thanks, we've been working very hard to bring the PS Plus community a variety of challenges, competitions and activities over the anniversary period, complete with amazing prizes!"

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LOL_WUT1224d ago

Awesome can't wait to see what else they have planned for the PS+ community I just wish Sony gave us more online storage for PS+ subscribers. I can't even upload my Witcher 3 game saves. ;)

SeanScythe1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

dude there is no way you have that much in save data, if you do i'm sure you don't play half the games on that list. Why not go and clean it up and remove the games you don't play anymore. Or delete the games that you have multiple saves for and leave just the most recent one.

I have my PS3, Vita and PS4. I have about 15+ps4 games and over 30+ps3 games. Still have room, as I said maybe clean up your storage for demos, rented games and Multi saves. Only games like Skyrim had really large file saves. RPG games mostly have the large save data.

Eidolon1223d ago

PS4 saves are huge and if you have multiple ones, GL, that 1GB becomes nothing fast.

Ultr1223d ago

Some indie games have ridiculessly high save files. Also driveclub.

jznrpg1223d ago

I agree with the first post , I need more storage, I like to go back and platinum some games I havent played in a long time. I copy some to USB but it would be nice ti have a large cloud file , or they somehow compress those ps4 files .

thekhurg1223d ago

Witcher 3 save balloon to extreme sizes and numbers. I'm constantly having to purge away random auto saves from it so it'll upload my most recent manual save.

1BG goes fast and having to constantly manage it gets frustrating. So yeah, I agree with the OP - I wish we got more storage with PS+

YodaCracker1223d ago

Every day I turn on my PS4 I get notifications saying my Witcher 3 saves could not be uploaded. I deleted a bunch of saves from the online storage and I'm still getting these messages!

kneon1223d ago

My LBP3 profile is over 400Mbs.

warczar1223d ago

The online storage is useless.

Taero1223d ago

Whatever that ancient greek indie game was that was released on psplus a month or so ago, apocthereon something. Aren't the saves for that 300mb? Like the devs said that one save was 10mb, 3 saves per file and 10 save slots, all of that is allocated initially, so when you upload it, BOOM 1/3 of your 1gb gone from an indie game.

zaherdab1223d ago

Sony are doing something fishy with the saves storage 30 mb files upload for me in a matter of a couple seconds and download in a matter of 5-10 of seconds when i have a very slow connection. i think they are uploading compressed files but still reporting their sizes as full sizes.

my Ps+ storage for ps4 is full as well they really need to do something about it.

Palitera1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Yes, definitely compressed, I noticed it too.

What bugs me is: why don't they keep them compressed at the server and count it as a smaller size?

To this point, I don't really think they are giving us actually 1GB of storage, only the equivalent to it in uncompressed data.

For instance: TW3 save is, let's say, 100 MB. From the time it takes you to upload it, you can know for sure it is very compressed (judging by your upload hired speed). But it still counts as 100MB used on the cloud storage.

subtenko1223d ago

Would be nice for me to get a thanks as I was one of the first 100 if not the first person that literally bought PS Plus as soon as Jack Tretton announced it during E3... but im in U.S.

:/ and I've been skimped out on betas occasionally even when having all the email options selected... At least put me first for betas or something

hangdang1223d ago

Because one gig is a woefully insufficient storage cap. I delete things regularly and it still fills up. One gig isn't enough

TheUndertaker851223d ago

My downloads list on the PlayStation side is over 2,000 items long... Granted I'm not downloading all of it or have a save for it but ummm...

You do realize some save files are absolutely huge right? WWE '13s save is gigs if you have custom arenas/superstars...

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PhoenixUp1223d ago

PS+ should already have unlimited storage by now

Iceball20001223d ago

True, but if you go to your online storage some games hold more then just save game files, like for example, driveclub had a replay file that was days old and was about 330mb. I went through all my games and deleted unnecessary stuff. Helped out a lot!

pivotplease1223d ago

That seems way too generous and hardly viable but they should move the cap to 5 or 10 gigs. I personally don't need or use it and haven't run out despite having many saves but I'd like an upgrade just so that it stops getting brought up. There are other improvements that are more pressing imo. Like cleaning up and adding last gen features to the OS.

TFJWM1223d ago

What does it say when it's full? I have well over 1g in saves on it and it just takes new ones with no issues

itsjustexuma1223d ago

It sends you a message telling you the game couldn't be saved

UKmilitia1223d ago

what annoys me is auto upload is only when consoel is in sleep.
how stupid is that.
it should be whenever u on dashboard or something.

Eidolon1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

What about this, a feature that auto backs up saves to external storage :) choose the games you wanted backed up and make it easy to run the process, the process can run daily at a given time as long as the drive is plugged in, the PS4 will sign a file on the drive to identify it so it doesn't just back up to anything.

FATHASUN1223d ago

Sony first needs to implement External Storage support. If and when this happens I will attach my current Terabyte external and soon a larger one. DNLA would also be helpful because I will use that to connect to my PCs for Video, Pictures and Music. The more the merrier.

rashada071223d ago

Ran out of room here also! Went to delete some stuff and noticed dragon age inquisition took up a little over 200 MB by itself. Had 7 or 8 manual saves so that contributed I am sure; anyways, yea, 1 GB is not enough.

showtimefolks1223d ago

Awesome service that has evolved a lot since launch. And Xbox fans should thank Sony, if it's wasn't for psn plus they would still be paying just to play online without any rewards

Competition is a very healthy thing.

BoriboyShoGUN1223d ago

Yeah it doesn't take much to fill it up that's for sure!

SkippyPaccino1223d ago

I totally agree, we need more ps plus storage. I bought a htc one m8 which came with 50gb Google drive storage (which I never use) I'm sure sony can give us the same, especially when we're paying

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ziggurcat1223d ago

the cruddy thing is that none of this will be eligible in Canada.

SoundGamer1223d ago

This is only for European territories.

sypher1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

It's planned fo each territory to put out their own equivalent.

Germany71223d ago

The cake looks delicious.

raggy-rocket1223d ago

PS+ undoubtedly better value for money than xbox live gold. You guys get metal gear ground zeroes and cloudberry kingdom in one month and we get pool nation for 3 months...Jump ahead :P

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