Nyko's Chris Arbogast explains why the PS4 Data Bank is worth buying

Nyko's Chris Arbogast explains why the newly-available PS4 Data Bank is worth purchasing.

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Christopher1225d ago

$90 2TB drives can be obtained if you don't mind tearing apart external drives (which isn't that bad or hard since you can then just throw the PS4 drive right back in the enclosure).

thereapersson1225d ago

Lacking the ability to store music, photos and videos on the PS4, I can't see this being very necessary, sorry.

SnakeCQC1225d ago

The raspberry pi 2 is soo cheap

Angeljuice1225d ago

It is actually very necessary as most users cannot fit their entire library of games on 500Gb of hard drive space. Having to re-download old games when you want a quick go is very annoying.
Music and video files are tiny compared to PS4 games.

TheOnlyMastrx1224d ago

Pretty sure game install sizes on Xbox One and PS4 are similar if not the same, I have filled 500GB Xbox in less than 6 months with free games from Games with Gold and like 8 retail games on disc/downloaded. Space gets used fast on Xbox One/PS4. Just started using a 4TB external since my console is full.

Is Sony working on allowing use of external drives? I plan on getting a PS4 sometime down the road, so i'm curious if they are or if I will need to swap drives when I get one. Won't be for a while I guess so maybe they will have a bigger hard drive model when i'm ready to buy.

JoeReno1225d ago

I assumed (stupidly I suppose) that these came with a HD

SnakeCQC1225d ago

Its probably easier and cheaper to buy and install a 1tb 2.5inch hybrid drive than this massive thing and it turns out you get faster speeds with my solution.

NobleRed1225d ago

The drive is for hdds from 3 to 6tb. When will you stop posting this 2tb bull***.

Of course the data bank is useless if you just want 2tb.

warczar1225d ago

This thing needs a fan and its own power supply otherwise it just looks like a good way to fry your Playstation.

Angeljuice1225d ago

How will putting a plastic hard drive enclosure on your PS4 fry it?

The 3.5" drive draws the same power as a 2.5" drive and the only extra power drain seems to be the digital display which again takes next to no power.

uth111225d ago

No, 3.5" drives do consume more power than 2.5". Maybe up to 10 watts more.

The next ps4 revision will have a smaller power supply according to FCC docs so this could be a problem

warczar1224d ago

Overheating is like the number one reason for console failure since the ps1 anyone who has a ps4 knows that thing is already on the warm side so if you think putting a harddrive that's 3 times the size of the standard hdd right on top of the bluray drive is a good idea then be my guest, I'll take a wait and see approach especially with nyko products.

RevXM1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Heat isnt going to be much of an issue with this as I cant imagine a 3.5" drive becoming much hotter and being on top of the original location it shouldn't be restricting airflow either.

And it has its own power supply so don't worry, it pulls power from the wall through the PS4's power chord. it would virtually be the same if it had its own AC cable and you plugged it into the next socket, makes no difference for the PS4 as its not leeching power from the DC current "generated" by the PS4 PSU.

However IGN reported that with their 3.5" drive performance was pretty shit, so I'll hang back a bit more and see if that is just a faulty drive, human error, flawed design or flawed unit. Gonna have to wait for more tests and reviews and see what is what.

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