Capcom refuses to cut the gore in RE5

MCV: Publisher not interested in pushing through a lower age rating

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The Dark Knight3738d ago

keep the gore as it is, A$$HOLES!


incogneato3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

True. They already cut the realism of the location by making everyone white to satisfy cry babies, now the cry baby liberals want more? That's what happens when you give the cry babies what they want. Like that dumb feminist chick crying about Fat Princess, they'll want more and more.

TheGamer3737d ago

but if they keep the gore most xbox 360 fans cannot play this game :)

I Kid I Kid :P

mirroredderorrim3738d ago

Keep it real. Keep it gorey.

StrboyM3738d ago

you heard the ape, add more gore

what do these people want, next they will say cut down the weapons and bullets, and zombies, and scariness...then we will have zombies and chis redfield holding hands ar5ound a campfire talking about the good old days!

solidt123738d ago

More gore or get pimp slapped by the Ape.


More GORE make it worse than Gears 2!! OR whateva.

Chronopath3738d ago

^ thats what she said. or he. just to keep it equally strong.

Master of Menace3738d ago

I just know it's going to be banned in Australia, like Fallout 3. I guess I'll have to import it as well!

blazing013738d ago

that sucks man srry just move to canada n enjoy the gore games like we do

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The story is too old to be commented.