Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Preview -The First Next-Generation Game | GamingBolt

Kurtis Simpson of GamingBolt writes: "Seamlessly combining in-game cutscenes with gameplay, the method of storytelling and character dialogue is nothing short of incredible. Character animations are uncanny and the cinematic camera angles are some of the best I’ve seen merging traits from both movies and videogames. The graphical level that The Phantom Pain carries is phenomenal and it does so without the compromise of actual gameplay."

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DEEBO1320d ago

Kojima the GOD designer. they are very few rock stars in game developers but he is one of them.

Sad to see after all these years they are treating him like dirt.

FallenAngel19841320d ago

It can't be next gen if its cross gen

raggy-rocket1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

This game looks amazing. Can't wait.

I can only hope Kojima is taken on by someone who gives him the respect and creative freedom the guy deserves.

What with Sony getting new exclusives left and right, it begs the question will they take on kojima as first-party dev? He'd be an amazing asset and his games being exclusive again would be another huge win for sony.

Psygnosis3331320d ago

Are you sure an XBONE fan ?

raggy-rocket1319d ago

Yes, just I don't delude myself into thinking every ps exclusive is bad. I'm very jealous of a lot of sony exclusives. I've just always preferred halo, forza, fable, crackdown, GoW etc. I just feel if I can't appreciate good games, what kind of gamer would I be? :/

dillhole1320d ago

Next gen? Like PS5 and XboxTwo?

umair_s511320d ago

I think he meant this current gen of console

flyingwombat331320d ago

Game sounds so awesome, but I'm so bummed about microtransactions. PM me if you want a link to the petition; new user so I can't post it.

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