Darksiders 3 May Have Just Inadvertently Been Leaked

A little bit of a slip in the press release for Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition leads us to believe that a new installment to the successful franchise is soon on its way.

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Paulhammer1315d ago

These games were hella cool, a new instalment would be awesome!

camel_toad1315d ago

Yeh I absolutely want to see/be the other 2 horsemen. Love this franchise.

joab7771315d ago

So, he's telling us that a company bought an IP and is gonna make a new one in the future? Cool. Thanks.

darthv721315d ago

darksiders and dante inferno are two of my favorite IP's that got the shaft when it came to being left behind.

both deserve sequel to continue / finish their respected stories.

TheXgamerLive1315d ago

I agree, I really love this franchise, I was more loving Darksiders 1 than 2 but both were great games.
I'm hoping 3 and 4 will be even more awesome and current gen and pc only. If for both gen, it'll be another Destiny disaster.

t-hall7851315d ago

So many spoilers...This is either gonna be the best E3 or the worst E3

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Majin-vegeta1315d ago

I didn't get to play the second one I PS3.So I have an excuse to get it now plus with all the DLC that's a no brainer.

What's the price on it?

SamPao1315d ago

You can find it super cheap. I got it on psstore when thq closed for like 10bucks.
The game is awesome

Porcelain_Chicken1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

It was on sale last week with all the dlc for like $10. You missed it! D: Great game.

Skate-AK1315d ago

If you have a PS4, they are re-releasing Darksiders 2 with all the DLC and other upgrades.

Agent_00_Revan1315d ago

I would hope they're making 3. After all those IPs were auctioned off, I got worried when no one picked up Darksiders. But once it finally did sell, I figured it would be a somewhat high priority for the guys that bought it. It's already a semi-established franchise. Definitely worth continuing.

generalwinter1315d ago

They have to make another one - this series is not perfect but has way too many cool aspects not to continue, and with the latest gen consoles, it would be awesome.

KiwiViper851315d ago

Ye its pretty much an open that can go in any direction they feel.

Maybe Fury and Strife Co-op?

kraenk121315d ago

I love those games but I'm not sure if I should get excited if the original team isn't involved anymore.

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The story is too old to be commented.