Street Fighter V battle system detailed in new trailer

Posted by Peter Rosas on Jun 11, 2015 // Capcom, Community Manager:

Hey everyone, we got some pretty hype Street Fighter V news today! Nope, it’s not a new character, but rather information on something that will affect all characters: the battle system. For SFV, we’re excited to talk about the new Variable System!

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RAM0N 1321d ago

Sagat and akuma gameplay pls

Majin-vegeta1321d ago

I wish they would bring back the ISM specials from SFA3.

Edvin19841321d ago

I wish they would re-release Alpha 3 like the did the MVC games and what not on PS4/X1 that would be killer. With some nice online play ohhhh

guyman1321d ago

mmm looks fun. Im liking the art style a lot as well.

Edvin19841321d ago

This is looking really interesting.

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The story is too old to be commented.