Sony vs Microsoft Who Wins E3 2015

Here at there is always a hot debate going on between PS4 and Xbox One and which system will win the next gen war and with E3 right around the corner there is no better time to make a case for each. There is a lot noise and wild specualtion out there so i will do my best to predict somethings that we might realistically see at this year conferences and who will win E3 2015.

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Eonjay1278d ago

Yeah its like marking 'none' on a gender questionnaire. You can pick both, but selecting neither is completely invalid.

Revolver_X_1278d ago

Yea. As if any fanboy is gonna pick the opposite side. How about we play the games and not the companies ppl!

breakpad1278d ago

if Vanquish 2 is Ninty exclusive (as rumored) then Nintendo hoho

FunkMacNasty1278d ago

Hey I own a ps4 and an xb1.. So while everyone fights over who has the "better console" I'll be getting my hopes up as I watch for updates on uncharted 4, no man's sky, and quantum break, knowing that I'll be able to enjoy all of them!

scark921278d ago

You win FunkMacNasty! :D

Eonjay1278d ago

Don't know, but I am more excited for Sony's conference only because its harder to guess whats gonna be there. Meaning that I am more likely to be surprised by what they show... and after all we are getting our first look at VR games and NO ONE has any clue what they are gonna show. Thats exciting.

scark921278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Yeah! and the PC conference looks to be interesting! I love E3 so much! I love seeing new games regardless of the platform! I also hope for more funny embarrassing E3 moments!

They are always a treat! xD

MasterCornholio1278d ago

I'm more curious about Sonys conference than anyone else's because we know so little about it. The other two pretty Mich announced what they will show at theirs but I expect some new stuff from them as well.

AngelicIceDiamond1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

I'm curious to. Games that we know are GoW 4, Uncharted 4, No Man's Sky, Ratchet and Clank and GT7.

New games: GG Horizon, and SP new ip and Media Molecule's new game. And maybe The Last Guardian surprise at the end.

MS will obviously push Ryse Of The Tomb Raider, Halo 5 and Forza 6 but they also have some unannounced games as well from 1st party. The most first party heavy conference they ever had.

Rares new ip, Maybe Lions Heads new ip, and something from their unannounced studios.

They both seem to be pretty mysterious tbh.

johndoe112111278d ago

If Sony really shows the last guardian, they will break e3. That will be an e3 moment to remember.

warczar1278d ago

That could backfire if they don't announce a release date.

Angeljuice1278d ago

Hasn't that been said prior to every E3 for the past decade.
I personally don't think it should ever be released as peoples expectations are way too high for it not to be a disappointment to most.

Eonjay1278d ago

Well, I can tell that you are a big Halo fan. Do you think that Halo will be best game of show?

StrayaKNT1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

To be honest I do. Everything they have teased so far and the mp beta just makes this my most anticipated game in years.

MasterCornholio1278d ago

I think Star wars will make a bigger impact at E3 than Halo but that's just my opinion.

Moldiver1278d ago

I agree. I think this halo will be the best halo yet. And that in itself is big news.

"I think Star wars will make a bigger impact at E3 than Halo but that's just my opinion."

I dissagree. I dont ever recall a starwars game being the biggest thing at E3. Or a BF game for that matter so thats two strikes already against that notion. Then there is the fact that starwars multiplayer games has ever actually been considered better than any halo game I could mention online. the original battlefronts were lowing scoring games than the halo 1 and 2. History will repeatitself, here thats for sure.

even with that said im looking forwardto playing a battlefield game set in the starwars universe. Mark my words, that is how its going to be described. And I dont think thats a bad thing. I like Batttlefield games.

Will star wars impress? I think so...will it be bigger news than halo at E3? More talked about? nope. plus halo actually has a campaign mode to talk about, which SW:BF doesnt. And we know how much people blasted titanfall for lack of story mode. N4G and other sites will be filled with people raining on SW:BF parade over that one.

Rimeskeem1278d ago

Does not having 4 player split screen disappoint you a little?

Not trying to troll, asking an honest question

MK24ever1278d ago

Split screen is always very disorientating anyway, I think they did a good decision by keeping the 60fps as the main goal. I hope Halo 5 can recapture the magic of the first 2 Halo Game.

Moldiver1278d ago

For a 60FPS halo with the best visuals possible? I think its a worthwhile trade off. I know there are people who were complaining the other day but then you look at most of them's comment history and realise thay not only dont own XB1's but they are full on PSfanboys. Case in point the halo 5 threads yesterday.

No REAL xbox owner is going to miss it. We all play halo online these days anyway. My friends are grown adults. They can buy their own consoles and games. Plus I dont like halfing or quartering my screen, personally. I need my whole screen. simple as that. especially when Im playing online.

343i made the right call. And the fact that I dont see the halo forums or the official xbox forums up in arms over this says it all, really.

Vasto1278d ago

Next to Grand Theft Auto I think Halo is bigger then any other game period.

Ninver1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Gran Turismo younglins

Angeljuice1278d ago


How can it be bigger than any other game when it only appears on Xbox and PC? What metric are you using?
Total sales = failure
Column inches of hype = failure

In fact there isn't a single metric that I am aware of that substanciates your statement. It is factually inaccurate.

guyman1278d ago

From the known games im looking forward to seeing scalebound and uncharted 4 the most

1278d ago
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