Short Takes - Wander (PS4): Move Over Basement Crawl, There's A New Dud In Town | Short Pause

A Short Pause member shares his painful experience with this new MMO that was designed as a relaxing game about exploration, but ends up being a total snoozefest. Avoid this at all costs!

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TheDude791252d ago

I tried my hardest to find one redeemable quality about this game, and other than the fact that the game crashed, which in turn ended my suffering (silver linings!), I couldn't come up with anything. It's truly a painfully bad experience.

uth111252d ago

The trailer looked awesome, I'm glad I didn't buy the game

TheDude791252d ago

Dude, that trailer sold me immediately! I knew it was going to be a different take on MMO's with its focus on exploration and zero combat, but seriously, this game wandered off the beaten path almost immediately. Total train wreck!

tazmeah1252d ago

Hard to disagree with you, the attached gameplay video is cringe-worthy. Such a shame, from the trailer I would've thought this game had excellent potential.