Who should be the Pope of Gaming?

Gameplayer report's:Many have branded E3 '08 a failure. Some even say that it will be the last. It used to be the be-all and end-all of games conventions. A secular Mecca. Shangri-la. This year's downsized show felt merely like a collection of cancellations and fumbled press conferences.

So, what happened? What went wrong?

The world has changed since the first E3 was held back in '96. Now that the internet is everywhere, both rumours and facts can travel at the speed of light. Yet the Electronic Entertainment Expo could still play a vitally important role: to gets the whole world focused on gaming. To keep the dream alive.

Last week we were treated to an example of how spectacle should be done - World Youth Day. Catholic pilgrims from around the world converged on Sydney to celebrate their faith. But the event was only one side of the coin. They also came to catch a glimpse of their beloved leader, the Pope.

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StrboyM3792d ago


kiss the ring!!

Superfragilistic3792d ago

I say put Molyneux in charge so he can talk all the sh!t he wants with Dyack as his pitbull VP who attacks gamers in forums that disagree with him! lol

Oh and then Molyneux can clean up Dyack's mess

keops33792d ago

who is god of gaming?

SPECTER3792d ago

Cliffy B is The Pope of gaming

Hideo Kojima & Shigeru Miyamoto are The Gods of gaming