Which Conference Will “Win” E3 2015?


The time has come again, it’s like Christmas for gamers. We get to see the games we will be playing in the Autumn and holiday seasons. Yes, that’s right, E3 2015 is upon us, and it’s shaping up to be one of the best in years. But with so much to see and take in and so many games and DLC’s set up for reveal, who is going to “win” the battle of the conferences? T

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Moldiver1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

The million dollar question.

The cop out answer is gamers win. Thats a given, but it sidesteps the question, for sake of not picking a flag....The question is; which of the big three will win onstage?

On paper. Ill say MS. But E3 could surprise. But based on what we know. MS have the most to show.They have the most noteworthy AAA exclusives being released this year. That is not opinion, but fact. You may personally not like halo, but that doesnt stop it being the biggest FPS this year. You may not like forza...but that doesnt stop it being the most talked about racer coming out this year. We all know whats up with TR.That game gets talked about more than any other, even here on N4G, because of its exclusivity( whether timed or not...we may even here a reactionary response at E3 from MS and square telling us its a lifetime windows/xbox exclusive. You never know....

Fable legends will be available in july/august.A gears remaster (if you are into remasters)and gears 4. Below,inside and cuphead are promising exclusive indies. Scalebound, crackdown, phantom dust add even more AAA variety. Then there is whatever rare is working on. We dont know what it is, but we know its an AAA exclusive. Smite is already available on early access in the form of the 'founders pack', full game comes this summer. Gigantic and elite with cross play. Joe montana, potentially getting an NFL licence making it officially 'Joe montana NFL2k.

And thats just what we know know of....
we dont even know what their other studios are up to.
We dont know what other 3rd party timed exclusives they have snapped up
We dont even know what they have held back for gamescon, but we know they have promised it will be quiete a showing with more new announcements.

Love of hate MS.....these things cannot be denied.

pompombrum1228d ago

Unless someone drops the ball (MS two years ago) it's not a case of the cop out answer of gamers win but a case of everyone wins. I don't follow Nintendo so can't talk about them but both Xbox and Playstation brands are in good places right now. Just like last E3, there really won't be a specific winner as such, gamers obviously win and when gamers win, wallets get opened and the companies win.

TFJWM1228d ago

I'm leaning towards Sony for me, but I prefer surpises. Sony seems more likely to bring out some hidden stuff, we pretty much know what MS is showing since you just listed all of it.(Hopefully they have some surpises too.)

Moldiver1228d ago

I agree with you both in a sense, from a gamer's perspective, for sure.


I think they will have surprises. remeber they already know they told us about FM6 back january. They let us test a beta of halo5. And announced TR last E3. Aside from gameplay vids of stuff we know about but have not seen. They will have stuff we dont know about and of course not seen. Remember this years, line up was last years announcements. so there will be new announcements for this year. And given that they have more for gamescon, that logically implies new announcements for E3 too, besides what we know about.

showtimefolks1228d ago


Call of duty is the biggest fps. Halo 3 was the peak for the series sales wise. Since than no halo game has sold 10 plus million.

GT is bigger than forza. One entry in GT games as on Gt5 abs Gt5 prologue sold as well as the whole forza series. And please don't tell me sales don't matter because if they matter for halo than they do matter for forza

Tomb raider is a Legit exclusive anx it looks awesome. But I am willing to bet that the uncharted trilogy will sell just as well if not more than tb raider

Don't get me Wong I am not hating on ms, I actually agree that on paper they do have a lot, but we just don't don't much about Sony since they have been quite

Xbox one games we know do far

Halo 5
Tomb raider
quantum break
scale bound
new game from rare
gears 4


Uncharted trilogy
mgs 5 trailer
destiny expansion news
god of war 4 teaser
no man sky,until dawn,rime
Un charted 4 demo
Street fighter 5
Bloodborne expansion
rumored call of duty exclusive marketing
they also most likely will get some sort of star wars news since they have exclusive marketing for that too

And than there is the unknown about vast majority of sony's first party studios

I kind of see a reverse roles now Sony is focusing more on 3rd party and exclusive partnerships. Which will help them sell a lot of consoles

They just won may console sales wise and June is their's too

1TB ps4 $399
500gb ps4 $349

Sad thing is we know so much already about e3 not much is left for surprises

Even Sony bends new game has kind oy leaked or rumored to be resistance game

Guerrilla games new ip is also kind oh leaked

So did dark sous 3

I still hope there are some huge surprises

The last guardian
left for dead 3

And hopefully a lot more

IamTylerDurden11228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

@MoldDiver - Honestly i don't know where to begin, no doubt i will miss something.

"Fact, they have the most noteworthy AAA exclusives this yr" fact? They have forza and Halo just like last yr and gears hd while PS4 will have released Bloodborne, The Order, Until Dawn, No Man's Sky, and God of War III Re, Tearaway Unfolded, and The Nathan Drake Collection. I fail to see how it's a "fact" that xbone has more noteworthy big exclusive games even if u call the terrible 4v1 mp fable legends a aaa/big game.

"you may not like halo, but that doesn't stop it being the biggest fps this year" - Uhmm no, Call of Duty Black Ops III nov 6, 2015 WILL be the biggest fps this year and more than triple Halo 5 in sales. I would argue Project Cars will outsell forza and it will have been far more talked about.

"we may hear a response from ms and square telling us Tomb Raider is a lifetime Xbox exclusive" - Ru kidding? It's likely 3months timed, what u said is illogical the amount of money ms would have to pay Squenix to cover the PS4 sales would be unthinkable, foolish.

Crackdown is a long way off probably holiday 2016 or 2017 considering no vertical slice has been shown, nothing's been shown. Gears 4 is way off as well, at best 2017. Epic isn't even developing it a studio called Black Tusk is, Black Tusk or The Coalition sinced they changed names has NEVER made a videogame b4, ever.

Phantom Dust was cancelled and the studio went out of business, ms was so mortified with how bad the game was looking that they pulled it and squashed the team. The game has no developer atm, no content, no future. If anybody took over Phantom Dust they would have to start from scratch. It's a jk right.

Smite isn't new, it's been out on pc for a year, it is a port of a year old pc game - getting Smite is like getting Wasteland 2 or Ether One, it's not a big deal. PS4 getting SOMA and The Forest are imo bigger deals considering they are new. Gigantic is a free2play Moba yet xboners always mention it like it is a AAA game, PS4 is getting Killstrain, Drawn to Death, DeepDown, Planetside2, Day-Z ect yet ppl give PS4 NO credit for those games.

PS4 has far more AAA 1st and 2nd party studios working on New ip

GG - Horizon new ip
Media Molecule - new ip likely Morpheus compatible
SCE Bend - Horror game
SSM - God of War IV
Japan Studios - new game
Secret Sorcery - Project Morpheus game, wipeout? Motorstorm? VR racer
Quantic Dream - new ip, Dark Sorcerer...

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Rimeskeem1229d ago

I feel like MS will have strong E3 but less surprises and Sony will have an E3 with more surprises. I guess it comes down to what those surprises are but at the same time it will still be preference. Halo and gears fans will say MS. Uncharted and Ratchet and Clank fans will say Sony. fallout fans will say Bethesda. Battlefront fans will say EA. rainbow 6 and Assassina creed fans will say Ubisoft.

It's preference

PaleMoonDeath1228d ago

Fingers crossed for Sony, cause y'know, I own a PS4.

Tedakin1228d ago

If everyone would stop announcing things BEFORE E3... maybe the conferences would be more impressive

pompombrum1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

These days you have to look at it differently, it's not just about the conference but the build up to the conference too. It's a smart move to announce some stuff now to generate buzz for the actual conference. It also helps to stop smaller announcements getting drowned out by the buzz of the bigger ones.

Malphite1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

Wouldn't teasers be better suited for generating buzz though instead of full reveals with gameplay like they did with Ratchet? I agree with your second point though. E3 weekend will have tons of announements so some smaller games might get overshadowed by the big ones. Then again Fallout and Dark Souls wouldn't really be in danger of getting overshadowed.

T2X1228d ago

I am going with the "Gamers Win" because it's true. Plus I am just looking forward to seeing the new games. I don't care which business makes more money. We're not making any money off of it. SO enjoy and stop caring so much.

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