E3 2015: Five hopes for Sony and PS4

Every company has a story heading into E3 each year, they all have something to prove, something to show off and something to gain. At the Los Angeles congregation of gaming's biggest developers and publishers, each will try to outshine the other and "win" E3.

For Sony, they have the luxury of being able to sit back a bit given sales of the PS4 are still going strong worldwide. They may even be able to announce they've crossed the 25 million mark at their press conference.

Complacency will cost you big time in this industry however (take for example... well, any major publisher at some point or another) so while Sony can let their so-far lacking 2015 line-up slide, they do need to give people a lot of reasons to be hopeful for 2016, and maybe beyond.

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PurpatraitorMGS1278d ago

Hoping No Man's Sky gets a release date

MrSec841278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

I can't wait for No Man's Sky, huge exploration, covering a universe in a space ship in a video sounds awesome.

Personally I hope Guerrilla Games and Sony Bend are announcing/unveiling their games, with gameplay.
Santa Monica announces a new Star/Warhawk spiritual successor for fall 2015.
GT7 and The Last Guardian are also Fall 2015 games, both shown off with new PS4 gameplay.

Along with those Media Molecule shows off their creation game (also Tearaway Unfolded gets a release date for Summer).
Level 5's game looks awesome, I don't mind what it is within the possibilities of a new Dark Chronicle (which seems most likely IMO), Rogue Galaxy or a new IP.

Anything else would be all gravy, especially if we see Sully and Elena in the Uncharted 4 demo/trailer.
I think Sony definitely has big surprises for this Fall and a lot of big games to announce for next year.

Their conference should be awesome this year IMO!
3rd party doesn't need to be a huge focus for Sony as they have those sales in the bag already, just a nudge with some short trailers of games they have marketing for.

As for other indies NMS of course, Rime, The Tomorrow Children and WiLD details would be awesome and new gameplay.

I think Morpheus will be handled with Sony announcing the official name, maybe a price figure and games (perhaps GT7/Sport will have features for this, Media Molecule and Sony London could have big support on it)).
I doubt it'll take up much stage time.

We could get a teaser trailer the new God of War, maybe a movie trailer for something new game inspired, but overall media or none gaming chatter will be kept in line with Gamescom and PSX's style.

freshslicepizza1278d ago

1. release dates for games this year
2. only talk about games and no cgi trailers
3. don't show games that are years away
4. the last guardian is officially re-announced as a ps4 only game
5. gameplay for gran turismo 7
6. put your money where your mouth is with project morpheus. show us big games made only for it.

i can't count, i know it's more than 5

nigelp5201278d ago

1. Syphon Filter comes to PS4
2. That Cancelled game Eyedentify comes to PS4
3. Gravity Rush 2 for Vita
4. Quantic Dream new game announced
5. Project Morpheus games

Inzo1277d ago

If I see this, then for me Sony has won E3

1. New Syphon Filter
2. GOW4
3. TLOU2
4. TLG
5. A real KZ (not like the crap KZ:SF dished up)
6. GT7
7. Crash Bandicoot (Still Dreaming) and of course
8. More on U4

guyman1277d ago

That would be epic indeed. I hope we see something about Horizon from Guerrilla Games. That is one underrated studio.

medman1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

I want to see No Man's Sky, Rime, and The Tomorrow Children all get release dates. I also want to see more of Wild and Abzu.
I would also like to see Guerilla's Horizon, Uncharted multiplayer, Mass Effect, God of War 4, Gran Turismo, Persona 5, Alienation, Hellblade, Street Fighter, Deep Down, What Remains of Edith Finch, Media Molecules new game, whatever Quantic Dream is working on, a small teaser for TLOU 2(unlikely, but would be very sweet), and something new from Sucker Punch. That's more than a mouthful, I know, but I'm very hungry.