7 Reasons The Phantom Pain may be the best MGS yet

VideoGamer: "Metal Gear Solid 5 is a big game, stuffed with exceptional design, intricate details, and small dogs. Here are the things that combine to make it potentially the best game in the series."

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bunt-custardly1224d ago

Reason 1. It's Metal Gear
Reason 2. It's Metal Gear
Reason 3. It's Metal Gear
Reason 4. It's Metal Gear
Reason 5. It's Metal Gear
Reason 6. It's Metal Gear
Reason 7. It's Metal Gear

You feel me?

DarkOcelet1224d ago

It only needs 1 reason. ITS METAL GEAR!

Timesplitter141224d ago

I'm worried that Konami's dirty hands reached this game

aquaticDonut1224d ago

Don't forget that they removed the long cutscenes, too. :)

KimikoGaming1224d ago

I actually played the game more for the characters and story, so I am actually not looking forward to less cutscenes.

umair_s511224d ago

I really did not mind those cutscenes, infact Ill be missing them this time :(

scark921224d ago

I agree.. those who complained must of been new to the series!

aquaticDonut1224d ago

Less cutscenes doesnt mean less story or any less of a focus on story, it just means that Kojima is finally figuring out how to tell a story in games through gameplay. From the looks of it, the story will be told in a similar manner to the Bioshock games and less like a game with a short movies in the middle which couldn't make me happier.

opoikl1224d ago

Knowing Kojima, we can definitely expect a multilayered story full of plot twists and symbolism. To me it was always difficult enough to truly understand everything that's going on by watching the cutscenes for the first time (especially MGS2 and 4).

If they try to lay out the same heavy and mature thematics during gameplay (riding towards an objective or escort missions for example), it's going to complicate matters even more, at least for people like myself who weren't brought up in English.

Luckily these games beg for multiple playthroughs, so by summer 2016 I'll probably understand what's actually going on and how all the dots are connected.

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chrisx1224d ago

In order of best IMO(consoles): MGS3, MGS1, MGS4, MGS2.....MGS5???? We shall see

umair_s511224d ago

haha, I totally get your order.

curtis921224d ago

I know for me, the middle east part of MGS4 (basically the first part) was the most satisfying as it was the most 'open' approach. The rest of the campaign felt very linear and restrictive. MGS V, to me, seems to take what I loved about that part in MGS4 and make an entire world out of it. I cannot wait.

MilkMan1224d ago

one reason its not. Microtransactions. Its already going in a bad way. Should have known with that $40 demo that was Ground Zeroes. :(

PlayableGamez1224d ago

MT shouldn't destroy the quality of the single-player gameplay.

Dynasty20211224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

I got more out of Ground Zeroes in terms of hours played that I did for Infamous SS, The Order £18.86 etc.

Hardly "just a demo" when you get more out of a £21 than a £50 one. Also lol at console game prices, what a joke compared to PC.

FullmetalRoyale1224d ago

And I played the hell out of MGS demos in the past. You can't just pretend it's not a demo you spent forty dollars on, if you bought it at launch.
That is a fact. It's a demo. JUST a demo.

curtis921224d ago

I disagree that it's more than a demo, it's a demo. But I do agree that I got more enjoyment and hours out of that demo than Second Son or KZ.

So in regards to the demo being worth the price... for me it totally was.

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