With $4.2M raised, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is Kickstarter’s most funded video game

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night — a Castlevania-inspired side-scrolling action-adventure — is now the most funded Kickstarter video game project ever.

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DarkOcelet1278d ago

Now hopefully the game becomes a classic masterpiece like Symphony of the night.

never4get1278d ago

Bloodstained anime movie!

wonderfulmonkeyman1278d ago

It's looking great so far, but I hope it draws inspiration from more than just Symphony.
Castlevania is such a rich series with so many great entries, and so many great ideas in each one; it'd be a shame to limit inspiration sources to just one entry.XD

Lord_Sloth1278d ago

Iga made more than just Symphony, that's just the example drawn due to it's popularity.

DarkOcelet1278d ago

Its the most memorable to the series, at least for me.

My second favorite, believe it or nor is Lords Of Shadows, i loved it. Its a shame the second installment fell really low.

Loadedklip1278d ago

I think Aria of Sorrow is the best Castlevania IGA made. Better than SotN.

Please don't vote if you haven't played and beaten both.

roboshort1278d ago

I hope the game isn't just a nostalgia game and has plenty of originality. I am looking forward to playing a good 2d action rpg, though.

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Rodney251278d ago

Hell yes I funded $300 I really want this to succeed.

DarkOcelet1278d ago

Not really sure why people disagreed with you.

I really hope the game succeed too. And hopefully you love it since you invested alot of money in it.

Rodney251278d ago

maybe it's because I put he amount or it cold be phantom disagrees. Whatever my intention wasn't to show off but to show that I really am behind this project.

ZeekQuattro1278d ago

Apparently people disagreed with how you spend your money. lol

nick3091278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Cant wait

SaveFerris1278d ago

Looking forward to see how this turns out.

Guitardr851278d ago

I thought Star Citizen was the most funded game...I believe its close to $40 million. Am I missing something?

MrSwankSinatra1278d ago

star citizen only got 2,134,374 on kickstarter.

DVAcme1278d ago

Star Citizen did an initial campaign on Kickstarter, but then shifted to crowd funding through their own system, and it hadn't made $4.2 million before it did. Bloodstained is the most funded game done exclusively through Kickstarter.

Guitardr851275d ago

Ahhh ok gotcha!!! Thanks for clearing that up for me!!!

joab7771278d ago

Ok. But I would still kinda consider Star Citizen in a class of its own as far as raising money.

The only issue w/ this way of doing things is that there is no evil corporate monster to keep things on track. I havnt looked recently, but sometimes I believe a game can almost be too ambitious and never actually release.

Star Citizen has already made more money than it cost to make TW3, adverts not included...though close.

STK0261278d ago

Actually, from what I understand The Witcher 3's budget was 67 million dollars, including advertising. Star Citizen passed 83 million dollars as of May 2015.

leahcim1278d ago

there is only one meaning for this : we love Castlevania and we need more of them

phoenixwake1278d ago

Konami's response: "You mean you DON'T want CV, Silent Hills or a smooth release of Metal Gear Solid V? Okay, we got some pachinko mobile ports for ya!"

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