Nyko PS4 Data Bank Review | IGN

What's worst than not having enough storage on your HDD and having to pick through which saved files to delete from your HDD. To make sure this never happens to you and your PS4 ever again, IGN have reviewed Nyko's PS4 Data Bank.

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Kingthrash3602199d ago

It all comes down to......bigger storage but slower loading times vs smaller storage and quicker loading times.
Imo I'll take seconds slower loading times for more space so I don't have to re download games which can take hours.
But if you are a physical disc buyer and not a digital buyer I would skip it and stay with the faster stock drive.

Jrmy842199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

The issue with this thing is there is no airflow to keep the drive cool, unlike the PS4 stock HDD.

bradfh2199d ago

If you want faster load times make sure you buy Hybrid hard drive

NobleRed2199d ago

''I found that the Data Bank is just as quiet and runs at the same temperature as the stock drive (both max out at around 85°F).'' From the IGN review rofl

Tempest3172197d ago

According to the article both drives run at the same temp, so that actually isnt the issue...the issue is the interface. A 3.5 7.2k drive should smoke a 2.5 5.4k drive, yet its interface is bottlenecking. With load times already so long increasing them by 10-20% is terrible. What they didnt test was reload long does it add when you die andreload? The extra storage is nice but they should have done better

Double_O_Revan2199d ago

'What's WORST than not having enough storage on your HDD'

Here comes another prize winning article from IGN....

OC_MurphysLaw2199d ago

Oh that solution is just ugly...and the fact the read times are slower makes it even worse.

dumahim2199d ago

And probably more expensive.

theXtReMe12199d ago

This review is flawed, because he didn't try alternate 3.5" drives to note whether or not the change in load times was relegated to his original swap drive or the data bank itself. Trying multiple 3.5" drives would've eliminated the unknown and given a more accurate review. He also couldve tried SSHD drives, which shouldve sped up the loading process for any game. If not, then there is a true issue with the drive interface of the data bank. But, because of his vague review, readers will never know unless they try it for themselves. Costing them more money than they would spend, if they knew the truth about which drive would perform the fastest

rainslacker2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

The stock PS4 HDD isn't exactly the pinnacle of speedy drives. It's pretty low end to be honest. I don't know how a different cable could introduce that much latency to the HDD read speed, so it does sound like they used an even crappier drive. I would imagine that a faster drive would give better results. The only thing I can think of is that they're using a SMART drive, and this device somehow interferes with those capabilities so some things are being slowed down due to error correction.

Maybe just wait for those youtube reviews that do things right. I'd be interested in using a 6TB drive in this thing, but I can also just make my own enclosure and rig something suitable up. I even know how to form and paint plastic to integrate it...or just throw it in the back of my entertainment center.