PlayStation Now Vs Used Games: Which Wins?

Dan has taken a look at the prices of PlayStation Now rentals, and then compared them with the price of a used copy of the game.

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UltimateMaster1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

It really depends on you what and need.
Either way, it's more choices and options for us.

NeoGamer2321278d ago

Care to elaborate why?

I am really curious on how this model is best for gamers.

I like the ability to PS Now from many devices, but is that the only reason it is better?

LamerTamer1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Good if you only want to rent games and play worse looking pixelated versions with input lag. It is cheap an convenient but the graphics and gameplay quality downgrade is not worth it for me. Used (and new) physical for me.

madmonkey011278d ago

the difference is, you dont need a console for psnow.

Volkama1278d ago

Or a trip to CEX. If you have a bit of spare time and feel compelled to play a game then you pick up your controller and play.

It isn't the same as owning a game obviously, but that doesn't mean it has no place for a mainstream audience or even for "real" gamers.

Spotie1278d ago

PS Now is nice, but I'd rather have physical copies, so used games all the way.

Eidolon1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

I'm able to find a lot of the of the games on the PS Now list for under $5 pre-owned almost anywhere. I prefer the physical version and hate the amount of latency and reliability I get with streaming where I live. I have Time Warner Road Runner Extreme(30/5) and couldn't even play Stranger's Wrath without horrible artifacts, latency, and disconnects while tethered directly to the highest tier modem they provide. PS Now isn't for everyone, and I don't think even with fiber optic 100/100 connection I'd stream games because there is still network dependency and a bit of latency and reliability issues. The games they offer are old and cheap(their physical versions) and I like having a collection to lend, resell, or look at. Of course I get digital versions if they're significantly cheaper.

Spotie1278d ago

To be fair, I doubt PSNow was ever meant for people like us. For example, I like to have physical stuff, and I'm not the type to get rid of my old consoles.

But, as always, every generation will bring in a slew of people new to gaming at all. They might not be as bothered by latency as you are, and they won't care as much about physical copies as I do. For them, PSNow is the perfect way to get a feel for older games they may have only just heard about, or see where some popular franchise began.

That's why, even though I'm not into it, myself, I've no problem with the service.

Eidolon1278d ago

True, I have all PS systems as well, and tons of games ;) and I'd imagine a lot of people like to stick with one console(handheld and home). I don't mind the service being around either, it's money in Sony's pocket and useful for those who don't have or want all the consoles.

They're comparing PS Now to used games, though, and for anyone who actually has the console(why would you be comparing if not), used games will win hands down in the long run in savings alone, not even considering the other benefits.

rainslacker1278d ago

For collection, and for the ways I usually play I'd say used/new games win any day of the week. But if I were out and about, say on vacation, and felt the need to play some random game(maybe to show it off to someone interested in it or just had the urge to play it), then PSNow could be a nice way to do just that.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and I don't see them as competing with each other.

pompombrum1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Neither, I'll stick to Boomerang rentals. I'm not in the beta so I don't know what the catalogue of games is like but going by the pricing, if the used game is under £15 why wouldn't I pick used? I can trade it back in afterwards and probably end up paying less than the 9.99 monthly rental fee without having to worry about the expiration date.

I like the idea of PS Now as a percentage of the cost presumably goes to the developers/publishers however if they don't price it in a range where it's cheaper than buying used, why should I or anyone else pick that over owning the physical copy of the game?

Agent_00_Revan1278d ago

By a large margin most of the time too! Because considering that most people dont beat games in 2 days, you go off the 30 day price. $4 used vs $10 PSNow 30 days. AND you can resell it/lend it out/give it as a gift afterwards!

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