Gamers Universe Review: Kung Fu Panda DS

Gamers Universe writes: "Kung Fu Panda is the third of our movie-inspired DS reviews in the last week alone, and it's also the most charismatic adaptation of the source material. The tale of a cranially-challenged Panda mistakenly rising to Kung Fu prominence is ripe with gags and visual set-pieces, and this DS version does a great job of tailoring the action to the specific strengths of the handheld. In a world of rushed cash-in titles and underwhelming ports, Panda breaks the mould with a fist of fury, but falls short of becoming a legendary warrior.
At its heart, Panda is a side-scrolling action title along the lines of SpiderMan 3 (from the same developer), or the old Irem arcade classic Kung Fu Master. The touchscreen is turned over exclusively to the action, whilst the uppermost display features a segmented map and other extraneous detail. As you make your way through each multi-objective level, you'll be tasked primarily with dispatching enemies (using a healthy dose of "awesomeness") and finding hidden routes through the scenery; many of which require the use of Kung Fu techniques handily taught to you by the other zoological members of the Furious Five."

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