Gamers Universe Review: Time Hollow

Gamers Universe writes: We previewed Time Hollow not that long ago, and for anyone who read that and wants a quick decision out of this review, the full game carries on largely in the same vein as the web demo on which that preview was based. A narrative driven adventure game, puzzles amount to little more than working out who to speak to, or where to go, next. If you're prepared to accept the idea of just being in it for the story, though, there's definitely some solid entertainment to be had.

You start off as a confused young boy called Tokio Horou (Ethan Kairos in the English version, I'll leave it to you to google "kairos" if you're still wondering why that's his name), who after a very short introduction wakes up to find that his parents have disappeared. And, more than that, they disappeared twelve years ago. All is not lost, however, as Horou has been gifted a Hollow Pen which allows him to draw holes into the past, through which he can change certain events."

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