IGN | Halo: The Master Chief Collection – ODST Review


Whether or not you have to pay for it (depending on when you purchased Master Chief Collection), Halo 3: ODST is every bit worth playing for the first time in 2015 as it was in 2009. It’s an example of what else Halo is capable of doing as a first-person shooter.

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curtis921317d ago

Halo: The... Halo Collection

Halo2ODST21317d ago

It should of just been called that to begin with.

tuglu_pati1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

Such an underrated game. The music and the dark setting is great. Love this game, always had.

Halo2ODST21317d ago

Great game but just as great as it was about 6 years ago, not everyone is a 60 fps fanatic

spicelicka1317d ago

well it's a remake obviously, how would they make it any greater?

MCTJim1317d ago

Another great edition to the MCC collection :D

Grievous1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

IGN/10 lol

At least this one works (hopefully).

N0TaB0T1317d ago

I forgot how good this game was, is it me or does the magnum feel a lot more powerful?

LifeInNZ1317d ago

This is the only Halo game I've not played so am looking forward to it.

Paytaa1317d ago

Bungie wanted to mimic the Halo CE magnum with the one in ODST albeit silenced.

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