Influential Steam Curator Group Blackmails Subnautica Developers

GG3 writes: "Developer Unknown Worlds Entertainment, the makers of games like Subnautica and the highly popular Natural Selection 2, received a threatening mail. In it, a person from the Original Curators Group on Steam blackmails the company."

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acekaze1277d ago

This simply cannot be, steam should simply forbid this type of groups, i tought groups on steam were supposed to be used to join people who like the same games, or want to meet new people to play, not to join a huge ammount of people in them and try to benefit 1 or 2 members by getting them free keys in trade of treaths, not only should the Leader of the group be banned from steam, as steam also should apply future measures to stop guys like this from appearing again.

Daavpuke1277d ago

That's just always going to happen. I also have known smaller (mid-size) publication who use their community for free games, in a rather similar way: Ask every single company for giveaways, then either let the same staff members "win" each time or just hide it and collect the better goods themselves and only give away the scraps.