The Witcher 3 Refines the Skyrim Problem but Doesn’t Cure It

Admitting that some quests are poor staples of fantasy games doesn’t alter that fact.

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KiwiViper851228d ago

So far I haven't thought the side quests were tedious at all.

Most of the time I don't even notice whether I'm on a side quest, or a main story quest.

They're all just part of my journey to become a bad ass Witcher...

DanteVFenris6661228d ago

I think some people forgot that some side quests were very well written and done in skyrim(though some people are just whiners). Especially the guild lines if you consider them side quests. I've always considered each guild a own story of its own which means elder scrolls games ussually have 5 stories in 1. Mixed with a few clever side quests and lots of extra quests.

Let's face it every thing you can do in a game boils down to, killing, or receiving. Example kill mobs,
Receiving people, receiving items... What the witcher did better is dialogue and story to make that kill mission seem meaningful with some emotional ties into it.

joab7771228d ago

I love TW3 for this reason. I've ways wondered what it would be like if Bioware and Bethesda teamed up to make the ultimate rpg. To me, TW3 is as close as we will get. You get the cutscenes, well acting and voicework, along with choice (even better than Bioware b/c of its grey nature), romance, racial aspects etc...together with Bethesda ' s immense and immersive open world, crafting, collections, lore etc. Also, for me, the combat is great (wish it were a little 1 more difficulty above DM...too much to ask for BB'S system lol), better than either Skyrim or DA (though dragon ages could have been so damn good).

TW3 is just an astonishing piece of work. Yes, it does suffer from urgency or lack there of (I wish some game would give a plausible reason for delays...mass effect had a decent system), but the side quest are really good...great actually, and bring the world alive, while often tying into lore and the main quest.

It is true, that often it's tough to tell which you are doing.

Yes, you can pick apart the game for this or that, but when you stand back and just look at all that was offered for $60, it's remarkable, and sets a new bar for value.

Tex1171228d ago

Witcher has done the best job so far of making the majority of the main quest and side quest really intertwine in a compelling and interesting way. Yes, there is room for improvement. At least some of your decisions effected game world.

Skyrim has some okay quests, but none I felt were as compelling as Witcher. Most did not feel interconnected in any way and worse, any decision did not feel like it effected the game world at all.

Baldur's gate still stands as some of the best game writing and content, but even then, the side quests don't intertwice as seamlessly as Witcher.

Now we can debate whether what style is better and which is effective, but there it is.

AtomHeart6231228d ago

Let me preface this statement by saying that the witcher 3 is an amazing game. The graphics, sound, voice acting, gameplay, and story are all top notch. If someone asked me what my favorite genre was I would say action rpg. What I'm realizing though, is that the witcher 3 is not all that fun. Even looking back on Skyrim, I realize that for all the positives the game had, it wasn't fun for me. There are certain games that on a critical level aren't as good as these two games, but that were just more fun. Examples are vanquish, Guacamelee, viva piñata, baldur's gate, etc. As I've gotten older I find that these diamonds in the rough are simply just more fun to play. Open world games by their scope alone seem to make playing them tedious because of the size of the game world. Maybe it's because I don't have as much time to play that make these open ended games so tedious. The new wealth of indie games provides the opportunity for more of these dimonds in the rough. I can't wait to stumble up on the next indie gem.

Bolts1228d ago

So too much content is tedious? I'm sorry but even the best indies like Divinity and Pillars of Eternity have the same open world frame work as the Witcher 3. If you lack the time required to enjoy this epic then it's not the game's issue.

stormswrath1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

I love open world rpgs. No quest is too tedious to me because the fun part is the journey. Along the way you never know what you're gonna run into or discover. If a game world is done right such as in skyrim and witcher 3 then i just get lost in the world of discovery to the point where fetch quests and so called run of the mill quests don't bother me at all. Also if you're truly role playing your character then you get even more out of such quests. Use a little imagination and thkse quests can become real important. Might sound corny but I get alot out of my games because of the depth to which i role play my characters.

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