E3 Build of PS4 Exclusive Drawn to Death Shown in Video; Sony Very Receptive of Not Doing Pay To Win

Today David Jaffe and his team showcased a play testing session of the E3 build of their upcoming free to play PS4 exclusive Drawn to Death on Periscope, and you can see a recording just below, showing quite a lot of spiffy gameplay.

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Forn1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Seriously Sony, you must have some epic f'n stuff to show at E3 to be showing this much before hand.

Game looks tight btw. Love me some fast paced arena style MP action.

SmielmaN1278d ago

Looks like they are trying to make the same gameplay style of Twisted Metal from the past but no cars and added abilities for the player. This could end up being pretty popular and crazy accessible, as long as you subscribe to PSN.

Skate-AK1278d ago

It is a F2P game. I am sure you don't need a PS+ account to play it. Just like all the other F2P games.

SmielmaN1277d ago

Oh really? My mistake, thought all online MP games required a PS+ membership. That's awesome if they do it that way for ppl that can't always keep up a subscription. Good move Jaffe.

deadfrag1278d ago

This game is going to fail badly,my take.

JoGam1278d ago

Well my take...its going to do well.

ger23961277d ago

How did you come up with that conclusion?

JoGam1277d ago

The same way Deadfrag came up with it will fail badly.

GameDev11278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Its free to play, unless its total shovelware. these type of games hardly fail, incredibly little risk

Mr Logic1278d ago

What a bunch of crap. Sony made me stop playing The Last of Us factions precisely because of pay to win crap. I pray Uncharted 4 doesn't do the same thing. If it does and this trend continues then I don't see myself buying a PS5 and I have loved the shit out of my PS3 since 2007, but the Sony I see now I'm not liking.

Forn1278d ago

Pfft, I still use a flippin' revolver in TLoU and own everybody every single time.

BlackTar1871278d ago

I hate Pay to win 4 sho but that said I never had a problem with the TLOU stuff the good team still won when it came down to it. Just made the bad teams a little bit better.

I won't say that the stuff in TLOU wasn't annoying but it didn't dictate very many battles for me and my friends.

S2Killinit1278d ago

Thats good. Im thinking this will be a fun a game.

WickedLester1278d ago

I don't care that the look of this game is intentional and an "artistic choice" by the developer. I think it looks ugly as hell!

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The story is too old to be commented.