Heroes of Handheld 95: Pre-E3 discussions for PS Vita, 3DS, Sony and Nintendo

Episode 95 of Heroes of Handheld, discussing E3.

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TRS_Gear1277d ago

What if Microsoft pulls out a big surprise and announces an Xbox handheld? It's not going to happen, but what if?

I think it would struggle just the same as the PS Vita.

FlameWater1277d ago

All they have to do is put Forza and I'll buy it

cm_1275d ago

I thought they should have done this 5 or so years back, make a gaming tablet that was basically the first xbox scaled down and compressed into a slim pad. think that moment has passed now, not sure if m$ should really get into the mobile arena unless they can really offer something different.

ShiranaiJittai1275d ago

When I used to work for Gamestop a running joke I would have with just about any customer who enjoyed both console and handheld videogames would be my reason behind why Microsoft has never released a handheld system and never will. When I explain my reasoning I have yet to find a single customer who didn't see the logic. The most hardcore xbox fans in the world agreed.

Nintendo owns handhelds period. Just the way it is.

Now before you freak out and post negative reactions understand that every conceivable way the PS Vita and the PSP were vastly superior from a technology standpoint to the DS and 3DS.

This has never mattered and never will. Nintendo owns handhelds. They may be completely hit and miss with their consoles more often miss but with handhelds no one who has ever gone against them has come close to them. Hell how many handheld game manufacturers no longer even exist because they tried to go up against Nintendo in handhelds?

I own a Vita PSP DS and 3DS and though the Playstation handhelds do have great games they don't have Mario,Pokemon,Zelda, Animal Crossing. The games every child wants their parents to buy them.

I just imagine that every time someone asks Microsoft why they don't build an xbox handheld device they try to answer as polite and professionally as they can then run away from the interviewer before they burst out laughing.

The PSP did much better then the Vita has but neither has come close to touching Nintendo handheld sales. Going up against Nintendo in handhelds is commiting Financial Seppuku for your company.

Sony has lost so much money with the Vita it is insane. I love my vita but it doesn't get the support it deserves and it just doesnt have the library of titles that the 3DS does (with the backlog of physical DS games it can play.

The most ingenious and infuriating idea Nintendo has ever had is to force the save files on the cartridge. Sure you can "borrow" your friends game if you want but when you buy your own you have to start over. Or you can trade it in if you want. As long as you don't mind starting over completely when you rebuy the game. Now with this region locked crap they have moved on to phase two in genius business decisions with simultaneous crappy consumer decisions.

I honestly don't know if Playstation is even going to bother making another handheld. I would love for them to do so but they need to get their finances in order first.

TRS_Gear1270d ago

What your saying is true, remember the Atari Lynx? Released in North America the same year as the Gameboy, had a full color screen, tons more features, and some pretty solid games. However Nintendo ended up winning that battle by a WIDE margin.

Its all about content. Tetris really helped push sales outside of the core demographic. Plus games like Super Mario Land didn't hurt things either.