3 PC Features that are Inexcusably Absent on Console

"We all understand the significant differences between the console platforms and a personal computer for gaming. They each offer their benefits with the latter bringing a more open albeit less accessible take on the market. However, despite their apparent differences there are some facets of a PC’s open design that are inexcusably absent from the locked up console space. My name is Azael from The Games Outfit and today we are going to take a look at PC features that are justifiable on consoles."

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Chumdiddy1223d ago

#1 is long overdue. I've wanted this for the last three gens & actually thought devs/companies would start doing it this gen at least for SP games and SP portions of games. It just makes too much sense.

Articuno761223d ago

Some level-headed picks with solid reasoning behind them. I've seen these mentioned before, but normally by overzealous PC gamers rather than critical consumers looking to get the best out of their console experience.