Rumored Buyout by Razer Might Be the End for Ouya

The Ouya started out with such hope and hype - but now, with a rumored buy-out by Razer, its days might be over.

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MRBIGCAT1315d ago

Its too bad, the Ouya started out with such promise and now its a big fat fail.

breakpad1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

this proves why exclusives MUST continue to exist and why they form the spine and essence of every console or system which wants to be competitive ...that for all the ignorants journalist-idiots which every time cry how old-schooled and unfair are the exclusives

ABizzel11315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

Not really, Oyua failed because of all the delays killed the hype, and the specs for it were outclassed by smartphones by the time it launched.

Ouya was nothing more than just another Android device by then, and your phone or tablet was just as good if not better by the time it launched, and had the benefit of being with you at all times.

Ouya was forced to be a fake Android dev kit / jail break box by then, and overall pointless to core gamers and most consumers. Exclusives wouldn't have changed that.

Steam Machines were the next big thing to replace Ouya, and by all means could have actually been a success, but they failed as soon as Valve let every PC manufacturer and their mother make Steam Machines, and pretty much alienate the entire idea.

The success story for a 4th console like device will have to come from a smaller company who has the ability to make a gaming PC with good enough specs (at least rivaling the PS4 / XBO), but cost $299 or less with an easy to access OS for gamers.

Unfortunately that won't be happening on all 3 ends by a large manufacturer, because of the "risk".

Baka-akaB1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

The problem isnt delay nor exclusives , but that it's merely a platform for mobile gaming , when there is no shortage of those . And a platform for mobile gaming , hooked to a tv ...

Especially when their games are not yet of an acceptable level for home console gaming standards .

And the issue isnt necessarily graphical power . It lies with the core idea behind the development of most of those titles , and the original medium intended for those games , clearly not the Ouya . We are only beginning to see , besides a few indies gem , solid titles from known (like Square) and new publishers that are more than cheap to play clones of console and pc franchises , or worth more than 5-15 mins downtime at the office or public transports .

you can't build a "console" base on that , you'd need the support of all multi platform essential partners and franchises at least , to build a proper home gaming experience

gangsta_red1315d ago

@Baka and Abizzel

I think all of your reasons combined each contributed to the fall of Ouya.

You both are right.

Summons751315d ago

Ouya ended the day it was released and immediately got a price drop because a whole zero people cared or bought it. I still remember walking into Best Buy a year after the released and seeing one on the shelf covered in a very think layer of dust.

XanderZane1315d ago

Why would Razer want that? I'm surprised Ouya lasted this long. They actually release and updated system with a better controller, but that didn't help much. The main reason it failed was because 95% of their android games were on phones, tablets and other mobile devices. Their controller was complete crap. The quality just wasn't there.

WeAreLegion1315d ago

Patents, I imagine. There are other reasons, but that's usually a big one.

BitbyDeath1315d ago

The guys making the steam boxes should have bought Ouya, could release them together in the one bomber package.

XanderZane1315d ago

Hhhmm.. I could see that benefiting the Steam Box more then any other device really. Especially if it's part of a bundle. If they bundled in HalfLife 3 and about 10 free Ouya Indie exclusive games, I think it probably would sell pretty well. Razer's game devices are overpriced and aren't the best selling.

fermcr1315d ago

Honestly, I thought Ouya was already dead.

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