GameSpy: Damnation Preview

GameSpy writes: "Steampunk doesn't have a very happy history in videogames as where most gamers seem to prefer their settings in one of three generic flavors: Tolkien fantasy, gritty urban or post-apocalyptic punk. It's to Blue Omega's endless credit, then, that it's willing to buck trends with Damnation. The developer's intriguing "vertical shooter" offers an equal mix of fast-paced third-person gunplay, a lot of Prince of Persia-style jumping and wall-walking, and a setting of what the team's calling an "American epic," a mythological exploration of the landscape of the American soul."

-Intriguing alternate-history premise, beautifully designed landscapes
-Ontriguing mix of gunplay and puzzle-solving

-Bizarre premise may be a bit of a turnoff
-Can the action and puzzle solving match the care given to the setting?

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