Splatoon’s Main Problem Is Amiibo

Pixel looks at Splatoon's main issue, Amiibo:

'Splatoon is great, it’s a triumph in almost every sense…but there’s one nagging issue. Every time I boot up the game I’m treated to a instant reminder of this issue, it’s always there, it can’t be avoided. Who would of guessed a piece of plastic would be the only fault Splatoon truly suffers from, them god damn Amiibo.''

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DiscoKid1224d ago

It's just cosmetic. You can find clothing with the same stats.

DryBoneKoopa851224d ago

Actually the pieces are junk. I unlocked them and it only has three ability upgrades where's the gear I'm using now has up to four in total. Sure the outfits look cool but they are not that great later on.

Their are also only a few weapon scrolls that you get. One from each Amiibo. Also the weapons only matter if your actually planning on using those particular weapons. The only thing about the weapons that are different is the sub and special not the actual stats themselves. Last but not least you can unlock little mini games while waiting for your matches to start/play at the hub world. Once again not that big of a deal.

From what I have seen a lot of people prefer what Nintendo has done with the Splatoon Amiibo. The author of the article is just trying to find problems with Splatoon/Amiibo/Nintendo.

PixelGateUk1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Aye, i mean i clearly hate Splatoon because i totally gave it a awful review (also posted on here) and claimed the game was bad.

Please, for the love of god, remove you fan bot specs. It's truly pathetic that fellow Nintendo fans refuse to admit that there is the odd issue with the company or their games.

''Splatoon is great, it’s a triumph in almost every sense'' such hatred in those words.

DryBoneKoopa851224d ago

@PixelgateUk: Out of everything I wrote you literally took offense to my last sentence. I never said you hated Splatoon all I was pointing out was you were "looking" for problems. My problem with your article and others like yours is you guys are always trying to attack Amiibo and paint it into the worst light as you possibly can. If Nintendo was to create a Skylanders like game and had the same structure in place as Skylanders you would call Amiibo paywall's. So Nintendo opts to feature them into unique ways into all of their games and now you guys call it glorified DLC. What it looks like is no matter what avenue Nintendo chooses to go down they are going to get flamed for the choices they make with Amiibo.

So instead of attacking me and calling me a "blind fanboy" all I was doing was pointing out a flaw and problem within your own article and other articles like yours.

PixelGateUk1224d ago

So you can attack me, but if anyone dare question you then it's a whole different story :)?

Yet again you failed to notice the lack of attack on Nintendo, or amiibo as whole, but you took it as one either way. Good one mate

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1224d ago

ok....not my problem because I dont care much for Amiibo. I only have Mario, Marth, Link and Samus.

When it comes to shooters its only the multiplayer.

cuicui2101224d ago

That was actually funny : "I don't care much for Amiibo, I only have four" that is just to say how successfull Nintendo are with these little toys.

I'm basically like you, don't care much fore these and yet I got three (Kirby, Link and Luigi). Two of them are gifts, yet I like to have them, and I expect to get some of the splatoon amiibos if they get cheaper some day - which is why I kinda agree with this article, it's gone too far to pay 25/30€ for a single one, shouldn't exceed 10€/15€ to my eyes

Antifan1224d ago

Micro transactions are good as long as Nintendo does it ;)

wonderfulmonkeyman1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Except these "microtransactions" from Amiibo do not impede progress, which is the biggest reason why people hate MT's to begin with.
"Oh, you want this item to refill a resource you need to continue playing more quickly, and you don't want to wait 24 hours to let it replenish on its own?
Ok, 5 gold coins!
What's that? You don't have them?
Well, that's ok!
You can buy them for real money! A buck a coin, it's a steal!"

Amiibos aren't the same as microtransactions.
They don't impede progress and in many cases they aren't even needed.
They're there for little extras, not for needed content, and what's more they work across multiple games instead of just one, so you never really need to buy multiples of a character to take advantage of them across multiple games.

The biggest issue with Splatoon isn't Amiibo.
It's the number of stages within each 4 hour rotation, and no way of using voice chat in friend matches. (public matches would become cess pits if it were in those, though)

DryBoneKoopa851224d ago

I feel the same Monkeyman. Amiibo isn't the problem with Splatoon. My problems are "actual" problems. Like no voice chat with friends kind of sucks. I'm fine with no voice chat with strangers but their should at least be voice chat with friends. I agree about the map rotation as well. Playing the same map like 3-5 times in row needs to be fixed with more maps in rotation. Last thing I would like to see fixed is being able to swap gear within a match. When your team spawns and you see you have no roller or splatter shot guy and it's just a group of charge shots. Makes the games unbalanced.

For me those are "REAL" problems. Amiibo is the last thing I'm truly worried about when it comes to Splatoon.

So as a "Blind fanboy" I must not be that blind to find fault within a Nintendo game.

Twill_1224d ago

The games main problem is optional content?


superchiller1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Really, this game's problem is content, period. There just isn't enough included, and it's clear that Nintendo released the game before it was finished. They're desperate for revenue, so they came up with the sleazy approach of releasing an unfinished game, then saying that "free content" would be coming out later. Plus they set a ludicrous price ($60 MSRP) for a game with a meager amount of content. This game really should have cost around $20, for the tiny amount of content included.

As usual with Nintendo, it's all about that greed; any way that they can fleece their loyal fans, and get some money coming in, they'll try it.

Look at the anemic specs and outright missing features in the Wii U; same story. Deliver the very cheapest possible hardware, keeping manufacturing costs to a bare minimum, to keep their profits high. That's all Nintendo has been known for, in over a decade of gaming hardware releases. Hard to believe that anyone falls for these kinds of scams anymore, but I guess there will always be a small core of diehard fans that must have more Mario games, at all costs. Very sad.

desolationstorm1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

You have your points, but I don't think Nintendo is anymore guilty then the rest of the industry.

Splatoon lacks a variety of game modes, but it is a very polished final product. Would it have been better to release for $30-40 and then charge a season pass of $20?

Everyone will have their opinion, but I will point out that Nintendo has been super late to the show with DLC and toys to life practices.

Not to mention that Mario Kart 8 DLC is arguably the best DLC value wise ever released.

marloc_x1224d ago

You seem a little sore that everyone is enjoying Splatoon and it is selling consoles. Very sad.

YOU could use some joyful Wii U games in your life schiller :)

Wonder_Punk1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

They are releasing content at a steady pace for the purpose of keeping peoples interest, not because it isn't's already on the disc. I'm sure there is also true DLC coming, along with plenty more free content as promised.

I personally think it's a cool way to keep the game feeling fresh for a long time, but I guess impatient people will keep attacking the game over it without understanding... or ya know, the people who dislike Nintendo will continue to make up reasons that they dislike them...

desolationstorm1224d ago

Ehh don't see the big deal to be honest, I bought a few and they are not my thing.

The entire single player is completely playable, the amiibos simply give additional gameplay for those who opt in.

Would I like the additional content be in the game? Of course, but what people are assuming is that if Amiibos didn't exist this content would.

That is of course is the chicken and the egg situation. To which we do not know the true answer.

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