E3 2015: Sony Predictions, Rumors & Expectations

E3 2015 (or the Electronic Entertainment Expo, if you want to write it out) is almost here. It officially kicks off on June 16th, but the big presentations by the major companies in the industry start a couple of days before that. PlayStation giant Sony Computer Entertainment takes the stage on June 15th at 9:00 p.m. EDT. With a complete metric ton of games and hardware to talk about, there’s no way they’ll have time to get to everything on our wish list.

We do, though, have some idea of what they’re going to discuss. While it isn’t likely to include how much they are stressing over not have a major first-party title for this year’s holiday season, the repercussions of that fact will likely be felt. GameSided will be there to cover the entire press conference, but first let’s get you prepared with what you can expect to see when Sony execs begin talking.

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Mr Logic1321d ago

Lack of information from the get go. Games "journalism" makes me sad.

Things like, "While this collection is supposed to only include the single-player portions of those games, it could very well come with an invite for the Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta. That would be a pretty sweet combo."

This has already been confirmed.

And saying things like about Morpheus like "Instead of Morpheus being a selling point of the current generation" When the hell was this peripheral ever a selling point?


morganfell1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

What you are doing is called trolling. Visiting multiple articles to express your dislike with snide remarks does nothing to prove why remakes are a bad practice. You have not a shred of proof to back up your adolescent post as regards Sony's E3 offerings.

Odd, but I looked for your remarks concerning your dislike of non-Sony remakes and I cannot find them.

As regards the remakes themselves, many people are first time PlayStation owners and they want these titles. Numerous persons such as myself have played them before and still want them. That said, I will again offer you some advice.

"At this point in the franchise, if you don't like the game, then don't buy it & stop bashing the articles. We get it. No one is force feeding you to. Let others enjoy what they enjoy."

Look familiar?

Tell the both the pot and kettle hello when you see them for the second time today.

MasterCornholio1320d ago

Oooo I remember you got a well said for owning Debaitable before.

You deserve another well said bubble.

Debaitable1320d ago

Oh it's definitely not trolling. I have a PS4 and I just think the library is lacking which Sony said so themselves. Then they want to sprinkle remasters, make it look exciting and get everyone else thinking about do ingthe same?! Yeah, no. I bought a new console for new experiences. Not to experience older ones. And boo hoo if they missed out. That's life. You can't have everything. It's going to be really dumb if 2 years from now, the PS4 gaming library, %30-%40 of them are just improved ps3 games. Like I said in the previous time you commented, PS3.5

Let's not run in place. Move forward.

morganfell1320d ago

Claimed ownership of a console - and that claim happens all the time, everybody here owns a PS4... does not prevent one from the act of trolling. Hardware isn't a vaccination against poor posting or in this case, hypocrisy.

You did it, own it. Your acknowledgement is actually immaterial because everyone knows you owned it. Self pwnage is its own advertisement for human error. In this case the error is also hypocrisy.

" And boo hoo if they missed out. That's life. You can't have everything."

Do you not see yourself?

The only individual having a good cry here is you. Caterwauling over remakes. Bawling incessantly because you are not getting you way on a console you "own".

Someone is running in place alright and you are burning up the treadmill and digging a hole in the ground beneath it. Fairly soon it will be about 6 feet deep and we can kick the dirt over you and we can continue to game titles we like, be they remakes or otherwise.

As I pointed out, it seems Sony is a target for a reason since they are the only hardware company with which you take issue. No matter. games are about fun and since you do not even want to address the fact you cannot follow you own advice - Let others enjoy what they wish - its machs nichts. Here, have a tissue.

morganfell1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )


XanderZane1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

I think they will be showing more 3rd party and Indie games then anything else. Even at last years E3 we saw more Indie games then 1st party titles. After Sony told everyone that 1st party games will be "sparse", there's no doubt that is what we'll probably get at this years E3 as well. The only surprises I'm hoping to see is The Last Guardian & GT7 playable. If they can at least give us that, I'll be happy. I'm sure we'll see previous announced titles like Uncharted 4, No Man's Sky, The Witness, Until Dawn, Wild, The Tomorrow Children, Everyone's Gone To the Rapture, Rime, SFV and about 15-20 more indie games that we won't get to play until the end of 2016. Hopefully we can get some confirmed release dates for the games that were show at the 2013 E3. Show us games that are coming out in 2015. That's what everyone wants to see.

Majin-vegeta1321d ago

After Sony told everyone that 1st party games will be "sparse"

Lol I love how people take a misquoted comment that wasn't even made in regards to the PS4 game lineup and don't actually read the whole thing.

Keep trying.

Chevalier1321d ago

Sparse yet they have more games out then most of their competitors. What has MS released recently?! Scream Ride and 2 indie games since November. Almost nothing till October?! Yeah if Sony is sparse then MS is almost devoid of anything.

DragonDDark1321d ago

I know that it will be awesome and twitch will be full of trolls saying otherwise.

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