"Gran Turismo Sports" for PS4 pops up on Croatian retailer

A Croatian electronics retailer has published a new listing for a game called “Gran Turismo Sport” and is now accepting pre-orders. For its placeholder image, they appear to have created their own “Gran Turismo 7″ graphic.

Typically, this type of listing is nothing to get excited about – online stores often begin accepting pre-orders and publishing incorrect release dates for games years before they’re officially announced, in hopes of attracting links and attention.

sanctaHowever, things are a bit different with this company, Sancta Domenica. They have an exclusive agreement with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, and are the sole importer of PlayStation products in the countries of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Their use of the name “Gran Turismo Sport” is also interesting. Notorious Gran Turismo insider Amar212 – who is also based in Croatia and runs Croatian GT fan site GTSurgeons – first teased the “Gran Turismo Sport” name in a post on NeoGAF last month.


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sigfredod1225d ago

E3 cant arrive soon enough, into my veins!!!

destroyerz11225d ago

I think Sony will "MIND-BLOWING" at E3

Griever1224d ago

Man, this year everything is leaking before E3! How am I supposed to be blown away at the actual E3 like this!? Would have loved to see these bombshells being dropped during the live conference as I watched! It would have been SO much more memorable for years to come.

Gamble201224d ago

You could stop visiting N4G before E3 ;)

Crimzon1225d ago

I wonder if Gran Turismo Sport could see release this year? The fact that it's not a numbered title implies that it could be a smaller release to tide people over until GT7 launches? It seems like it could be similar to GT5: Prologue, at least.

If so, it would be a smart decision by Sony and PD, provided that the game is priced correctly. I remember when GT5: Prologue was released here it retailed at £19.99, less than half the price of a standard game, to reflect the amount of content on the disc.

If Gran Turismo Sport is a smaller entry and has a similarly cheap pricing model, it could be very successful and much appreciated by fans who don't want to wait until the next major Gran Turismo numbered release.

rainslacker1224d ago

Could also be a spin-off title, not unlike Forza Horizon. Maybe something to replace Motor Storm. The sport tends to indicate that it might focus more on the actual racing sports instead of cars in general thrown into sport settings.

You're reasoning is more likely though.

comebackkid98911224d ago

Gran Turismo + The Last Guardian = SpeedBall

Walker1225d ago

My mind cannot handle this, GT7 is gonna melt eyeballs :O

WickedLester1225d ago

Hmmm, I wonder if this will be a GT7 prologue of sorts.

crazychris41241225d ago

I hope not, I just want the full game from the start, not some demo for $40 that ill wait to get when its $10 a month or two before the full game release

curtis921225d ago

They said they won't be doing a prologue for GT7

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1225d ago

I mean... If Driveclub is STILL holding the graphics crown for racing games... how good will GT7 look on a ps4 engine? Not a fan of sims but you can't help but to respect what Gran Turismo has done over the years.

GHOSTxx4201225d ago

IMO I don't like driveclubs graphics, seems to have a grainy filter on it instead of being clear. This is off a 42in TV in 1080p

Yi-Long1225d ago

Maybe it's your TV, perhaps some settings are on which affect the video-quality negatively.

It looks stunning on my 42 inch Panasonic Plasma.

GHOSTxx4201225d ago

@yi-long I've tried everything. It's either a grainy filter or noise filter

SniperControl1224d ago

Looks outstanding on my 60" sammy oled.

WickedLester1224d ago

Wow. Can I recommend a good optometrist?

I don't mean to be smart or anything but you are literally the first person I've ever seen say this. I can understand people who don't care for the mechanics or the AI but graphically it's still one of the prettiest games ive seen this generation.

GHOSTxx4201224d ago

I guess my TV is crap or my eyes are.

rainslacker1224d ago

I'd suggest downloading AVCHD and setting up your TV properly. I've not noticed any grain on DC on several different systems.

Grain is either a filter set up on your TV to mimic certain environments(vivid or theater for example), or a bad cable introducing interference(rare with digital serial).

GHOSTxx4201224d ago

@rainslacker I believe my TV is just a cheap one or is getting old. Driveclubs was the only game I really noticed it in

rainslacker1223d ago

I have a cheap Insignia TV and setting it up makes all the difference. Even cheap TVs have the filters I talk about. I've never seen anyone say they've had the problems your claiming, so it is rather suspect.

GHOSTxx4201223d ago

Well I got a cheap sharp TV I've tried to find it nothing helped. BTW driveclub is still great

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TXIDarkAvenger1225d ago

I just hope they fixed the sound. It's awful in GT.

loopygames1225d ago (Edited 1224d ago )


Polyphony Digital Hires Previous Forza Audio Lead for Gran Turismo

Magicite1225d ago

GT is most popular and biggest racing game, they definitely gonna impress.

theshredded1225d ago

I'll be blind once I see me some footage

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