GameSpy: Champions Online Preview

GameSpy writes: "Cryptic was on-hand at E3 to show off some snippets of Champions Online gameplay. Following the unveiling of DC Universe Online (a game that unarguably received a boost in profile after it was showcased at Sony's press conference on the first day of the show), it would be easy to dismiss Cryptic's superhero MMO that was formally debuted to the press less than a month ago. So it goes during the bonanza that is E3. But the fact is, Champions Online has demonstrated live and in-person some of the ideas that DC Universe Online has only hinted at on video.

Cryptic has been hard at work devising a combat system that its designers hope will work well on both consoles and PCs, which, make no mistake, ultimately boils down to a system that's designed from the ground up for a console controller."

-Designed from the ground up for console controllers, resulting in a feel different from other MMOs

-No info yet on how character creation and progression work

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