Driveclub: New Car and Tour Revealed; PlayStation Plus Version in "Final Stages of Development"

Today some iteresting information about the future of Driveclub have been shared by Evolution Studios.

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captainexplosion1225d ago

It was in the final stages of development nearly 2 years ago.

jackwei221225d ago

Better they release it all fixed and working rather than broken and buggy.

KwietStorm1225d ago

Is the Plus version more susceptible to bugs or something..?

never4get1225d ago

Greatness Awaits is almost here, Driveclub PlayStation Plus Version is coming!

guitarded771225d ago

Yeah, that was a good argument two years ago.

GameDev11225d ago

Driveclub yes, but Drive club PS PLUS not even close, that all hindered with the online not functioning at launch

The 10th Rider1225d ago


It's sad that people actually try to defend this whole situation. You can hold Driveclub in high regard, hold that people who really wanted to play it have already bought it, hold that the PS+ version is just a glorified demo, and STILL acknowledge is absolutely preposterous it took this long. None of those are mutually exclusive.

WickedLester1225d ago

What does it matter as long as everyone who gets their hands on it enjoys it?

GameDev11225d ago

Situation is preposterous, but it is a situation Sony can learn from, just like MS can learn from MCC

There is a difference between defending it and seeing the great progress the game and the devs have made up to this point

The 10th Rider1225d ago

GameDev, your view I totally agree with. It's just there's some people that defend the the devs like it's not an issue that they didn't deliver what they promised. It's okay to acknowledge both the issue and the progress they've made. Many people, on both sides, don't seem to realize that.

WickedLester, it matters because the company promised something and didn't deliver. They didn't even announce the PS+ version was delayed until AFTER it was supposed to be out...It's 8 months later and it's only 'in the final stages of development'? That's totally unacceptable behavior for a company. Surely they could've known ahead of time they wouldn't be able to release the PS+ version on release day if it's taken them this long since then. At the very least they should let of been keeping people updated on exactly what the situation was, instead of promising it and leaving everyone in the dark.

WickedLester1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

@The 10th Rider,

Look I get your frustration but what do you suggest, burn them to the ground? What's done is done and all the internet bitching isn't going to change the situation. Besides, you speak as if they are NEVER going to live up to their promise which you and I both know isn't true. They are clearly working on updating the servers to a satisfactory level to handle the traffic. The free version of Driveclub for Plus subscribers WILL come. Did it take longer than expected? Sure. Is it the end of the world as we know it? No. These kinds of "1st world problems" aren't important enough to bitch about over and over and over. You'll get it when you get it. Did it take longer than expected? Yes. Sometimes shit happens you don't plan for. You just have to learn to deal with it. How did I deal with it? I went out and bought the full game because a.) I was going to buy it anyway and b.) Getting to enjoy the game for the last 8 months sure as hell beats NOT being able to play it and then subsequently getting online and bitching about it.

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ABizzel11225d ago

At this point the entire game should be free on PS+, since it's been $20 and less for several weeks over the last several months.

As a matter of fact a good way to buff the holidays line-up for the PS4 without releasing anything is to make the PS+ offerings great, 1 big AAA game and 1 indie for the last 6 months of the year.

June: Knack
July: InFamous Second Son (First Light was already)
August: DriveClub
September: Destiny
October: Killzone Shadowfall & Planetside 2
November: Little Big Planet 3
December: The Last of Us Remastered

All of those games are great picks and should be easy sales as well.

None of those games chart anymore, outside of being bundled in for free with the PS4. Infamous already has Second Light on there, so just add the full game.

DriveClub has been having this PS+ version fiasco going on for a while now, but the game is a good game and an amazing graphics showcase, plus there's a good amount of DLC that people who enjoy it can pay for, and it can help the game get a following for a potential sequel.

Destiny has been marketed as a PS game 1st from Day 1, so what better way to celebrate Year 2 than to give it away to all PS gamers for free since it's only $20 now. On top of that with 2 expansion passes out and 1 rumored to be dropping in September it would be a perfect time to keep the game going strong and have PS4 be the place for it.

Planetside 2 is F2P, but a PS+ version could still work. Maybe give PS+ members a bonus starter pack that those who don't have it, and it'll be a new game. Plus there's not much else to choose from beside Knack and The Order, but it's too soon for The Order. As a matter of Fact add Knack in for June, and I forgot about Killzone add that to October with Planetside 2.

LBP3 is just one of those games that has to htrive off it's community, and it would benefit most by being free on PS+ out of any of these games except maybe Destiny.

The Last of Us has been free with PS4 bundles for the longest, so why not make this amazing must play game free to everyone as a great Christmas Present.

That would be a killer blow for E3. Even though they're old games everyone loves free stuff, and we can sell all our old copies and put that cash towards the purchase of new games for the holiday.

Spyroo1225d ago

Lol you want them to waste so much money and give shop much aaa games free each month? Is not cheap you know

ABizzel11225d ago


then why does the PS3 get AAA games free each month, and has been for the last few years?

Once again none of these games are charting on sales alone outside of bundles, with Destiny being the only one breaking the top 50 on sales alone, which means these games are struggling to sell 50k a month on their own.

Knack was given away for free in Japan at launch, Destiny, DriveClub, LBP3, inFamous. and TLoU have been bundled in free with the PS4 for a while now. Killzone is a launch title, and Pklanetside 2 is F2P.

Driveclub, Knack, Killzone, Infamous, LBP, and TLoU are all exclusive IP's from Sony's 1st and 2nd party devs.

What would make any of these games besides Destiny expensive to move to PS+, and the results of having such a strong and pre-established line-up would be beneficial for PS+ Subscriptions on PS4, as well as potential PS4 buyers knowing they have 8 good games to look forward to for free over the next several months.

And once again Many of these games have DLC which means they can bank on a DLC sale to help with profit or in this case to negate any potential losses that Sony might face doing such a big PS+ release.

Drive Club DLC, Destiny 2 $20 DLC and a rumored $40 - $60 expansion, Killzone DLC, LBP3 again community is hugely important and it has DLC.

Really trying to find this "waste of so much money" you claim.

The only game that may cost them a lot is Destiny, but again with the expansion passes totaling the price of a new game (actually more), the already existing PS exclusive marketing deal, and the fact that this game is suppose to last for several years without a sequel means Activision would possibly be willing to make this kind of deal to reach every PS4 owner and keep the game going with the expansion passes which is already what it's doing and pretty much what MS did with the free game promotion for XBO back in September of last year.

KwietStorm1225d ago

It would make sense, as PS4 is maturing in age at this point, with games having been available for a long enough time. Plus on PS3, albeit launching well into PS3's life, exploded that E3 with the Instant Game Collection. To get a gimped Driveclub after all this time just wouldn't be doing anyone any service.

But Planetside 2 is free anyway.

uth111225d ago

I could see them offering Knack, Killzone and infamous this year. Destiny? Not anytime soon!

Most likely we'll get indies until the Holiday season arrives

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ChronoJoe1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Don't know where people are getting two years from, the game launched 8 months ago. Sure, it was pushed back to that October launch, but delays of the initial release are common in video game development, and generally for the best. Unsure why you would use its original launch date as a reference for the delay on the PS Plus version.

It's good that it's releasing for Plus members sometime soon, but I think at this stage the notion of a playstation plus version may come as too little, too late. The Playstation Plus version of the game was merely a glorified demo, and I suspect most players interested in the game would have picked it up already. After all, the core game is terribly cheap now. The PS+ version of the game should really just be the full game.

On another note, not sure why it takes time to get this version ready. Surely it's not a new version of the game? I imagine they just mean they nearly have the servers ready to support the influx in people the PS+ version would introduce.

LightofDarkness1225d ago

They announced the game would have the PS Plus version for free at the launch of the PS4. They failed to deliver on that promise. It's actually 1.6 years at this stage, but the sentiment is still there.

I'm also alarmed at the number of "it's ok because other people do it" arguments, often made in defense of something Sony related around here. Everyone gets held accountable equally, we don't gloss over it because your favourite company does it too.

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Forn1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Daaannnggg that car looks sweet! I hope they show/announce more at E3.

IamTylerDurden11225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Wow a Velocity Ultra/2x themed tour pack worked on in conjunction with Futurlab, too awesome.

The free car looks bananas Peugeot EX1 concept car with no roof or windshield, pretty much. I love free cars!

HUGE NEWS! Japanese cars are coming to Driveclub! They haven't revealed the Japanese manufacturer yet, but anyone got a guess? Nissan?

GameDev11225d ago

"The free car looks bananas Peugeot EX1 concept car with no roof or windshield"


Even with the overwhelming amount of games I have ordered coming up, I really need to pick up Driveclub and its season pass, its just gets so good as time passes

IamTylerDurden11225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

I bought it at launch and got my preorder Porsche and McLaren 12c special and regardless of the awful server issues i realized it was a quality game with potential. Fast forward to now and i'm amazed at how fantastic the game has gotten fom the mind blowing weather to the tweaks and fixes, the megaton of season pass and free content, the online features/challenges, just all around improved. They even added a free Motorstorm buggy and 2 mini F1 looking race cars for free, along with a dozen other free cars. Japan was a nice addition.

Anyone with a twinkle of interest should pickup Driveclub and the season pass stat. Especially if you like Lambos, an incredible behind the wheel view, insane weather fx, and Project Gotham. It takes skill to drive the super cars well. Hell On Wheelz.

Speak_da_Truth1225d ago

I would hate it if they include Nissans but no LFA. Reading that statement, it comes across as if only one manufacturer is coming.

EvilWay1225d ago

Final stages of development? What? How is that possible of the game came out already? Just take out some tracks and cars and release it as free. See that's not very hard

It was a scam from the beginning

TwoForce1225d ago

It was easy. Even that, if they made PS + out in the first place, it would be broken. Better late than ever, I guess.

sereal_killer1225d ago

The problem is not the DEMO itself its the servers needed when the demo is released.

I do agree that it has been way too long but at this point i think they are playing it really safe.
if they release the plus version and the servers crash again or cant handle it properly it will be another fiasco again.

wegetsignalx1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

The PS+ version is still coming, and soon. It was not "a scam". Stop lying and trolling in Sony articles.

Speak_da_Truth1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

I know for sure that Japanese car manufacturer will be Nissan and that'll be great but I also want the best sounding super car(IMO) to be in Driveclub as well the Lexus LFA

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