The Resident Evil Series - In Retrospect

Chris White really loves Resident Evil. Head to We The Nerdy to read his thoughts on the series so far.

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Pillsbury11279d ago

I'm still waiting for that RE2 HD remake.

Skate-AK1279d ago

It's coming. After the RE0 announcement. I think they are going to do 0-3.

Hasswell-NeverCold1279d ago

Perhaps it is coming but I don't really think that they would make it as good as those gamecube remakes, everything capcom has lately released was made with the lowest possible effort. I mean look at that coming Megaman Legacy collection, it just is the nes games and totally looks like it. You can emulate those better.. Revelations 2 was decent game (I liked it) but RAID mode, all of the levels were recycled from Res 6 and the low budget did show in that game.

Not many really wants to see HD remaster (as in if just resolution is better) if those still have PS1 graphics.

AtomHeart6231279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

I feel that the first two silent hill games were the best in survival horror history. They were so much more atmospheric and immersive.

HanSol01279d ago

They were both incredible. Pyramid Head is easily the greatest character of the genre.

AtomHeart6231277d ago

I agree. Also, I think silent hill 2 is one of those rare sequels that are just as good if not better than the first game. The characters and the atmosphere were just so gripping.