The Division community Q&A now in video form

Pixel Dynamo reports on Ubisoft Massive's new community Q&A format for The Division: videos that amount to tiny documentaries.

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IamTylerDurden11227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

This was in my top 3 most anticipated back in the day, but i'm not very enthused about the mmo aspect. I'd prefer they stuck to a thrilling sp. It has to hurt the sp experience no matter what they say.

Kinda like Destiny.

Apparently below the vid u can learn about woman in yoga pants...

Twill_1227d ago

A single player experience isn't what they're going for. They've already made like 12 Assassins Creed games.

IamTylerDurden11227d ago

A sp experience is what i want in this incredible depiction of snowy epidemic hit nyc, the setting is dreamy for a gripping sp. Nyc actually looks like nyc for once.

Ubisoft makes a lot of games, not just The Assassination of Creed.

I think the fans deserve Beyond Good & Evil too.

Twill_1227d ago

Just because that's what YOU want it to be doesn't mean they need to make it like that. If they wanna make an MMO they can make an MMO.

dreadz741227d ago

Te info was sparse in this video lol. I am looking forward to the game though..

johnhineriii1227d ago

This was just the first one. Hopefully they'll cover more in later videos. Plus they're probably holding stuff back for E3.

Brooklynbully1231227d ago

I just wasted 5 mintues of life for a game that doesn't exist

Meltic1227d ago

now when the release is near they finally can show some gameplay and more info soon.

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