Edge Review: The Bourne Conspiracy

Edge Online writes: "There's something worse about playing an average game than a bad one. At least with a bad game you're often given a few (unintended) laughs and some anecdotes to share in the pub. With The Bourne Conspiracy, on the other hand, you're constantly wishing that it was half as good as its cinematic presentation seems to suggest it could be, tempted by the promise it shows of something better, led on by a belief it will improve, and ultimately left with little but the knowledge that it's a missed opportunity.

On a superficial level, the game makes an impact: it's visually neat and the varied environments are full of bits and bobs that Bourne can smash his enemies with or into. Allied to this, the camera is an accomplished stab at importing the films' supple cinematography, with frequent cutaways and close-ups of the melee combat particular highlights. This is also the flipside of The Bourne Conspiracy's biggest problem, however, which is the desire to be cinematic beyond the breaking point of interactive entertainment."

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