The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited’s Framerate is a Problem

Hardcore Gamer: An MMO feels like the type of game that should place increased emphasis on smoothness. After all, having a multitude of players on screen at any given time is a staple of basic MMO design, so the fact that The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited struggles with this is a bona fide problem.

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NoobJobz2244d ago

I haven't noticed the frame rate but only because I either cant login or get kicked off for spamming messages. (which I don't do)

The game seemed fun for the 30 minutes Ive been able to play so far.

Fil1012244d ago

Ive had some frame rate issues but as for loggin in ive had no trouble.

Summons752244d ago

huh? This kinda conflicts with a lot of people saying the framerate runs smooth.

Rdeal2244d ago

The stuttering is a netcode issue not a graphics one,and it's only when you are in the city, i am sure they will get it sorted

Blues Cowboy2244d ago

Haven't had many problems on my end. Disappearing/invisible plot-critical NPCs are a horrendous problem, though.