Nintendo's E3 2015 preview: Zelda, Star Fox and Xenoblade Chronicles X

There are a lot of companies bringing their absolute best to E3 2015 and of all that are scheduled to be in attendance, we expect Nintendo to steal the show. With the caliber of upcoming IP and the games they have yet to announce, we get the feeling that Nintendo is getting ready to blow some minds.

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Jyndal1228d ago

Xenoblade CX is currently at the top of my must have list for this year. Seems Zelda is still a year or more away, so I'm just going to have to wait a little longer for what will likely be the most epic gaming experience ever.

DiscoKid1228d ago

Same here. Need a good JRPG with lots of content.

Twill_1228d ago

Dude I'm listening to the soundtrack right now. It's f***ing amazing.

Segata1227d ago

XCX is half why I bought a Wii U 2 years ago. Yeah I bought it early to play other games as well but mainly got it for Bayo2 and XCX. I got the CD OST to XCX and it's awesome.