Amiibo are Huge in France, Here are How Many Have Been Sold

"Recently, we have been hearing all sorts of Nintendo success stories out of France, with both hardware and software performing incredibly well in the country. The latest sales update concerns amiibo," -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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Moonman1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

I don't know why Nintendo won't bundle super rare limited edition Amiibo's with the Wii U console. Even exclusive ones that only those console buyers will ever get.

Example: Super Mario Bros 3. (Mario with Racoon Tail) Amiibo, Super Mario World (Mario with cape), Ocarina Edition Amiibo (N64 style Link with Master Sword)....Splatoon limited Amiibo holding the NES Zapper.....

Even Amiibo naysayers who eventually buy a Wii U will like they have one that is VERY limited....and it enhances the holiday appeal for families..

BigDuo1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

If Bayonetta 2 sales are 60k in France, combined with the Japan's media creat sales, but only up to October 5th, then sale are 49k. Add the unconfirmed 157k NPD copies from the NeoGAF insider as of April, then combined sales of the title put it at 266k copies.