Eurogamer: BioShock Preview

Eurogamer writes: "2008 may be "the year of PlayStation" in Jack Tretton's E3 phrase, but for some PS3 owners "the year of PlayStation" might as well be the time it takes multiformat games to arrive on Sony's flagship console. But before you lynch us for saying so, we're well aware that patient PS3 owners have found the gap can work in their favour - the spit and polish-filled hydraulics of time elevating competent games to a more accomplished level - and with the standard set by the likes of Overlord: Raising Hell, developers are keen to present their overdue PS3 conversions as special editions with all sorts of extras.

Hence 2K's announcement at E3 last week that BioShock - of all games - will be receiving exclusive downloadable content on PS3, pricing TBC. A story-driven first-person shooter plotted with half a mind in Atlas Shrugged and designed to echo the qualities of undersold PC shooter System Shock 2, it's not exactly crying out for new levels and a downloadable Brucie Kibbutz costume. Or so we thought. But after ten minutes watching 2K producer Melissa Miller demo one of the new levels, we've changed our mind. "We're not trying to retrofit some new level or new story into the existing game," says Miller. 'We're very respectful of the original experience.'"

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wolfehound223791d ago

Can't wait I'm really looking forward to this game.

Thursday3791d ago

BioShock is great on the Xbox 360, this will be a day one purchase for me.