E3 2015: How Microsoft and Xbox One can win this year's trade fair

Every company has a story heading into E3. They all have something to prove, something to gain and something to lose. At the Los Angeles gathering of gaming's biggest developers and publishers, each one will try to outshine the others and 'win' E3.

For Microsoft at E3 this year, the story is simple: they are second. They have lagged behind the sales of Sony's PS4 since day one, but following the PR disaster that was the Xbox One's launch they have made huge strides under the leadership of Phil Spencer.

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Nosred1224d ago

If Phil Spencer continue bringing all these improvements and new features for the Xbox One and these great games, no doubt a turnaround at the end of this generation and E3 walks to bring another great holiday season for MS and Xbox owners.

joab7771224d ago

Love my PS4 and wouldn't trade it for anything. BB is best next gen exclusive so far.

But MS will win E3 and xmas, unless Sony has something up their sleeves. That said, there still hasn't been a release on xbone that makes me want to buy it w my limited time. I bought a 360 for ME, bit there hasn't been anything like that yet.

StrayaKNT1224d ago

Bb is not the best next gen exclusive and I have played all exclusives

ShinMaster1224d ago

They can't win. They can only tie.

I'm kidding. There are no winners at E3. The only ones who could "win" are the gamers who own multiple platforms.

guyman1223d ago

@ Aussiegamer

Bloodborne is better than anything the xbox one has to offer. Sorry about that.

PistolsAtDawn1224d ago

Unless Sony and Nintendo have a TON of completely hidden surprises that knock people off their feet...MS already has this year sealed.

EvilWay1224d ago

Andrew House kills that theory

ShinMaster1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

I doubt it:

And that doesn't even included unannounced titles yet, so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

wegetsignalx1221d ago

No, that is blatant lying and trolling about what Andrew House said. Sony could announce any of these major games at E3 2015 and have a great show.

The Last of Us 2, God of War 4, Gran Turismo 7, Horizon, Yearly MLB, Gravity Rush 2, and AAA games from Sucker Punch, Media Molecule, Japan Studio, Guerilla Cambridge, Sony Bend, Sony London, and Quantic Dream (2nd party).

wegetsignalx1221d ago

Sony has many AAA 1st party games they could announce at E3, including Horizon.

UnHoly_One1224d ago

According to the internets you can.

I can never see the scoreboard when I'm watching it on TV though.


JasonKCK1224d ago

Some people think everything I a contest even when it isn't.

Spotie1224d ago

If you can compare two or more things, you can claim one to be better. The better one is obviously considered the winner.

We have conferences upcoming by three companies that occupy the same market. We most can most certainly compare their performances and decide which was the better of the three. It's been this way for years.

And it's not even unique to gaming.

The NFL Draft isn't a contest, but you can definitely argue for who had the best draft, right? At work, two different ideas might be proposed to solve a given problem; it may not be a contest, but the better idea can win out, right? It's not a contest when you choose what to wear for the day, but a given outfit wins, right?

Why this sudden push to not do things that haven't been a problem for years, and isn't really a problem now?

soul-assassin-1224d ago

only if you own multiple systems....otherwise you end up raging over new "exclusive console deal" crap they come up with.

PistolsAtDawn1224d ago

@soul....maybe true...but I do own them I guess gamers like me win. :)

SIMOIKIE1224d ago

Think this decribes it needs to be read like the song taking body.... 'If you talking first-parTYY .... then xbox one is ur place to be...... and if u dont be-leieeeeve... jus wait and seeeeee... at E - 3!'(APPLAUD)

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