Helping Our Significant Others Get Into Gaming

Mike talks about his experiences helping his wife explore gaming for the first time, and trying to find a genre that is right for her.

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xHeavYx1279d ago

I'm glad my wife is not into gaming, so after spending some time together she can do her stuff and I do mine.

ZeroSkerbo1279d ago

Part of me totally agrees, but there are some games that my girlfriend and I have the most fun playing together

ChouDa1279d ago

Get a motorcycle! Then just run away...

That's what I do! Or would do if I had a significant other.

shocked6861279d ago

I'd also be happy with "Helping Our Significant Others Cope With Our Gaming Habits"

Moldiver1279d ago

Man....forget about it. Mine aint interested unless its something she can download to her phone. Like that damn chef game she always plays.

andibandit1278d ago

Resident Evil 5 and 6, are really good, for that special awareness(see article), because movement is so slow and clunky, and they also offer splitscreen coop.

WizzroSupreme1278d ago

If I got the rest of my family into gaming, I'd probably never get to play my Xbox One, though.

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