Soul Calibur 4 get 35/40,Latest Famitsu Review Score

Review Score from Latest Famitsu mag

Soul Calibur 4 PS3/Xbox360 9-9-9-8(35/40)
Phantasy Star Portable PSP 9-8-8-8(33/40)
Dokidoki Majo Shinpan! 2 NDS 8-8-7-7(30/40)

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sonarus3765d ago

Not that bad...not that great either

SabreMan3765d ago

not sure why you come to this conclusion 35 out of 40 is very impressive especially considering it's a 3d fighter and Virtua Fighter dominates in Japan

all things considered a very impressive score

power of Green 3765d ago

Thats nice they gave both versions the same score, I'll wait for other reviews.

sinncross3765d ago

is this the same edition that has the big super robot anime coming to ps3?
this was from the mag right?

mesh13765d ago

famitsu has no credibility at all they give all jap games high scores

Azures3765d ago

35/40 is pretty damn good. Especially for a fighting game.

hay3765d ago

35/40 is a 8,75/10. Really good.

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The story is too old to be commented.