Square Enix Releases 10 New Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae 2.0 Screens

EB: Square Enix has released ten new screenshots for the 2.0 version of the Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo, which has recently been updated with various improvements. All of the screens are from in-game footage, namely gameplay, but there is at least one static image, so it won’t have the blurry look like the rest.

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joab7771278d ago

Who cares!!! Why not release to everyone soon or sell it for $5. If it's as great as it looks, and now has the update, make some money, and sell everyone else on it.

Snookies121278d ago

Then that would backfire as people would complain about them selling a 'demo'.

Irishguy951278d ago

Because it came bundled with Type 0. And they said only type 0 buyers could have it. Better them stick to their word than break it. Really. To many lying devs these days

NoctisPendragon1278d ago

They can't even if they wanted to too , FF XV demo is a marketing deal in short , you can get it only with FF Type 0 HD and SE can't do anything about it since they promised and promoted the demo like that .

There is a free and public demo comming later , with magic and everything , it should be enough to try things out .