Sony's E3 2015 preview: Uncharted 4, No Man's Sky & The Last...yeah right

With the level of competition Microsoft will provide this coming holiday season, Sony certainly needs to provide more incentive as to why people must own a PS4 come this holiday. These are the games and announcements we expect to see during Sony's press conference at next week's E3 2015.

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franwex1316d ago

I think there's good reason to own a ps4 this holiday; but if they do not show anything compelling this e3 there is no compelling reason to buy 1st party games!

Thatguy-3101316d ago

As far as I know E3 is always about what the future holds for consoles. First party content is going to be "sparse" this holiday but like you pointed out games are still going to be hitting the system. What thrives Sony's consoles are First party titles and people know that because PS1,PS2 and PS3 proved it. Many know that first party exclusives will come. E3 is going to be amazing so can't wait to see the titles taht will be hitting next year.

destroyerz11316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )


Inzo1316d ago

Its a PS4, how much more incentive do you need?

crazychris41241316d ago

Custom PS4 console and controller would get me to buy one. So September for me when they drop the MGS 5 red console after they announce its coming to America at E3.

OB1Biker1316d ago

It sounds silly but I kind of agree. You need a new gen console to play the new gen only games falling this year and you choose your console on what games you expect playing in the long term, (and the existing library) not in a few months line up and spring 2016 is not so far away

Skankinruby1316d ago

Lol you silly journalists crack me up with your biased agendas. You talk in this article as if Sony's back is against the ropes and cap it off with a condescending title to the article mocking the speculation of the last guardian resurfacing. Let me remind you that Sony has this entire gen on lockdown and they could fall flat on their face at e3 and it wouldn't change a thing. Only silly Microsoft loyalists will consider their upcoming lineup of exclusives a threat. Sorry to point out the obvious but Halo/Forza/Fable ain't gonna cut it. They're exhausted franchises and Forza in particular is beyond redundant with its annual entries. The ONLY thing Microsoft has going for them is if Scalebound and Quantum Break end up being phenomenal. Gran Turismo 7 is all but completely confirmed with a release date. Then Bend, Santa Monica, Quantic Dream, Guerrilla, all have unannounced games as well. Gimme a break with this silly nonsense as if Sony had something to worry about.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Well let's hope after E3 I feel different about this, cause right now PS4 is looking pretty weak. Feels like XBOX One has been outworking them. Since XBOX One got off to a bad start, they seem motivated to right the ship, and PS4 has just been contempt to do nothing.


There's really no first party games that interest me right now except Until Dawn. And No Man's Sky? That should be more appropriately named "No Man's Game", cause I don't know what the heck that is, but it doesn't look like my kind of thing.

PS4 should have a lot to announce, cause it seems like their first party studious have been asleep for a while.

SniperControl1316d ago

You're kidding right? There has been no X1 AAA exclusives since november last year, 8 months ago, this year so far Sony has had three big hitters in The Order, MLB 15 and Bloodbourne, i would call X1's line up weak so far for 2015.

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