Halo 5 Dev Confirms Character Models Are All In-Engine, No Split-Screen Due To 60 FPS

GearNuke: "Halo 5: Guardians was recently revealed by GameInformer as part of their cover feature for July 2015. We also get to see some great looking character models from the game featuring the likes of Nathan Fillon. According to 343 Industries’ Frank O’Connor, these character models are all in-engine."

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OpieWinston2199d ago

We'll see if the community collectively says "Keep your 60 FPS... Give us back Split Screen!" when they're asking for feedback on 5 for the next game.

ChrisW2199d ago

But anything less than 60 FPS @ 1080p is unplayable!

Gazondaily2199d ago

No Gold required for co op is beastly though surely!

BiggerBoss2199d ago

No splitscreen.... Wtf. Not a deal breaker, but I really wanted to play H5 locally with friends, like the H3 days. Really disappointed tbh

BiggerBoss2199d ago


Well thats good! Id mostly be using two player splitscreen anyways, would still be nice to support up to 4 though...

super_bruno2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

I don't want to hate, but they said the same thing about the multiplayer models

and in-game on the beta didn't look anything like it. I remain skeptical, we'll know for sure on Monday.

As for co-op split screen, I couldn't care less. Never like it anyway prefer online co-op.

nicksetzer12199d ago

Well, first it was a beta that wasn't using finalized assets. Second, they never said it was actual multiplayer assets, you are just making that up. Third, the beta looked prerty awesome for using very early renders of MP models.

mkis0072199d ago


The problem with that tweet is it is older (january) than this new information.

SilentNegotiator2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

Halo without 4 player splitscreen? Come on now, 343...

Just make it 30fps for 3 to 4 players.

super_bruno2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )


If you think graphics will improve much over the beta, you'll be in for a surprise. Like past Halo betas the graphics on the final build wont be too different.

Erik73572199d ago

The 20 maps launching with it is also a plus and breaks away from the pattern of putting less content for your MP game and selling it for DLC. *Cough* Call of duty *Couch Couch* Battlefront 3 *Couch* Titanfall

What's even more sweeter is that the 15 DLC maps will be free for halo 5....35 maps..

_-EDMIX-_2199d ago

I actually feel they should put the feature in over a damn number. Consider if one wants to play split screen with some friends....they know going into it, it will be 30fps, don't have it at all EVER.

I'm sorry but its not THAT important that it damn near supersedes a damn feature that is optional.

kickerz2199d ago

That character model kinda looks like Phil Spencer lol

dcbronco2199d ago

This could be an opportunity for them to go back to the family share plan. What if several devices could play multiplayer from one copy. Some using PCs and one the console. Or maybe they could enable it to snap on a PC streaming to the TV.

ArmrdChaos2199d ago

Actually the character model looks closer to Nathan Fillion.

ziggurcat2199d ago


because it is nathan fillion.

AsheXII2198d ago

60 fps is something every Halo 5 player will enjoy, split screen is a very small portion.

Rookie_Monster2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

People really complain about this? It is 2015, Halo 1 Split Screen was cool back in the days because the adaption and availability of fast Internet just wasn't there yet. I'll take 60fps, full screen, drop in, drop out, 4 players online co op any day of the week and it doesn't even require GOLD go do it. I really hate having my screen real estate squish and hardly see the details for my gameplay experience. Great trade off by 343i.

The title is also misleading as the online split screen only is only pertaining to not having local split-screen co-op but the Multi player local split screen is still there.

MP is still there with Spilt screen, so relax guys, you can still play locally with your pals and enjoy pizza and beer together.

ShinMaster2198d ago

Seriously, just drop the frame rate to 30fps to allow for LOCAL split-screen.
The rest of the game, single and online multiplayer, can be 60fps.

@ dcbronco

The point of split-screen multiplayer is to play locally, on the same system/screen.

mikeslemonade2198d ago

LOL 60 frames. The game is gonna look sub-standard like Fallout 4.

SilentNegotiator2198d ago

"60 fps is something every Halo 5 player will enjoy, split screen is a very small portion"

Every Halo player I've met has played splitscreen and zero have complained about the framerate.

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christocolus2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )


Lol. I'm just glad 343i's putting a lot more focus in the areas that matter most.The campaign sounds freaking amazing,343i is doing much more with the Halo lore than Bungie ever did. Split screen co-op seems like a small sacrifice compared to all the innovative features being added to the really hyped for the super secret mp reveal at E3. I wonder what they have planned? Its definitely going to be a great show.

Also those models are AMAZING. Never doubted the talent at 343i.

For those who missed this. Courtesy “whitey” reddit user

-Game starts out before Chief is on the run
-Audio has been heavily reworked from the ground up for Xbox One (bullet sounds, debris, etc)
-8 months after Halo 4 ends, cataclysmic events are tearing apart star systems, these are tied to the Guardians (Forerunner entities shown in the first teaser trailer)
-Game Informer played the second mission, taking command of Chief and Blue Team to take back an ONI research vessel abandoned for 2 years
-Locke's team is described as having more advanced tech than Blue Team, members use the "ATS" (Artermis Tracking System) on their armor to bring out points of interests in levels
-Team banter replaces interactions with Cortana to flesh out the characters
-There are multiple routes to take in levels/multiple ways to tackle objectives
-Difficulty scales to the number of co-op players
-The zealous religions Covenant are slowly abandoning Jul M'dama's leadership in Halo 4

OpieWinston2199d ago

This is honestly the only way you can show people the consequences of 60 FPS. And then let the communitys wants decide if they need it in future titles.

That's why Sprint will be a toggleable option in Custom Games.

The only issue I have with this is this will make my Annual LAN parties pretty complex.

tuglu_pati2199d ago


The don't have to get rid of 60FPS, just make it 30FPS when playing split screen. Problem solved.

HaydenJameSmith2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

Halo 5 is going to be amazing and those are in engine models... HOLY CRAP. Halo 5 giving even Ryse a run for it's money. Can't wait to see this in action next week. Although I will be sad to see Split screen go but if that is the cost of 60fps with amazing graphics then I'd deal with it. In this day and age of online gaming it isn't to bad I guess...

4Sh0w2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

It's not that simple Frank O'Connor himself said "the entire simulation is built on that framerate", there are technical hurdles involved with implementing 2 different locked framerates. I don't think every game needs to be 60fps but FPS gameplay definitely benefits tremendously from 60 vs I think its the right decision, -Split screen is nice but I don't want technical issues cropping up and [60fps=gameplay] should always be priority *especially with a nice consolation prize of everyone being able to play online co-op with all their friends absolutely free**How many games even have that?**....if they went for 30fps surely many more folks would be rightfully disappointed shouting about a sacrifice to the gameplay.

Are we really complaining when frankly 343 are giving us more options and content with Halo5 than any other game of this type=

-Halo5 actually has a (*4 player) Co-Op campaign while typically most games don't.

-Halo5 will have 20 maps out of the gate, 15 FREE DLC ones to come.

-Halo5 has branching storyline, play as several different characters

-Halo5 has some of the best Audio in all of gaming.

-Halo5 has 60fps, great graphics, issue orders to squad mates, all new underwater map and judging by the Beta it will have awesome multiplayer.

There's plenty more and we still have E3 to dig out more details, I mean what more do people want, this game has an unmatched feature set....its not even close.

christocolus2199d ago


You better believe it. 343i are graphics wizards.


Well said.

ginsunuva2199d ago

The script writers and level designers are clearly the ones who were going to work on split screen.

hades072199d ago

All of these details sound amazing. Only played Reach before the MCC and now I am a huge Halo 5. The lore and single player campaigns back to back was an amazing experience and I cant wait for this!

SilentNegotiator2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

"there are technical hurdles involved with implementing 2 different locked framerates"

None pressing enough to give a MICROSOFT owned studio a pass on. Companies with infinitely smaller funds manage to implement such tricks all of the time.

rainslacker2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )


Without knowing the technical hurdles that exist, my first inclination would be to simply parse the frames to make them appear as doubled to the code. Either that or reduce the input polling to half the speed. Pretty common practice really. Since input is the only place where fps is tied directly into code most of the time, it does seem odd they couldn't easily overcome it.

If the game is so dependent on framerate, at least you can be assured that it's a locked frame rate. If it's not, then the technical hurdles line is just PR excuses.

Anyone know if any kind of analysis has been done on the beta?

4Sh0w2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

Again I follow 343i, they and Frank O'Conner have been very upfront with fans from the start, they are also much more knowledgeable than *speculators on n4g. Based on both of the above facts I conclude there is no reason I shouldn't believe them vs those speculating. Furthermore 343 has went above and beyond to add as much value to the MCC as possible= MCC is by far the most ambitious remaster collection on either console and so far all indications point to Halo5 being the biggest most dynamic Halo game yet= Again based on this evidence it sounds downright illogical to suggest that if reducing 1 aspect of the game to 30fps was so easy to allow couch co op split screen they simply wouldn't just do it or basically just say "'meh lets forget about that", Why they have proven Halo it certainly cant be budget or talent since Microsoft proven they spend and brings in every resource for Halo, look at all the other Halo stuff surrounding this game= NO given their history logic suggests that its exactly as Frank said, basically it boils down to a technical difficulty that they felt has less value than a consistent 60fps per second. I agree but if you don't thats fine. Ironically I remember a certain group of folks weren't even the least concerned that a exclusive game just thus year which I wont mention the name had NO online at all and lack any co op for which it seemingly was well suited for given the in game characters who accompanied the main character. Lets not even get into how inexcusable that was given the campaign length, lol yet Halo5 does so much more in every way and we still hear, " what about dis?"

Now what is there is a 4 player online Co Op, this along with the multipayer offers a vastly more abundant replay value that many other games dont even bother to attempt. So in essence Halo5 is a victim of its own overachievements, while other games get by with pretty light features and content, with Halo5 many conveniently overlook ALL thats in the package, the upgrades to better framerate, in game branching story, enhanced audio, better graphics, etc, etc. We all want it all but I want the best gameplay experience first and foremost especially since 4 player online co op is still there.

super_bruno2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )


Those screens look like H4. Not complaining though H4 on X1 look great.

dcbronco2198d ago

Rain and Silent maybe there is a Cloud component to the game that keeps them from doing things differently.

rainslacker2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

Hmm...first let me say I wasn't trying to say that devs were pulling a PR line, just that it seems odd to use a line like that since the issue of code being tied to frame rate can be overcome quite easily. It's not a new concept, and most games that are tied to frame rate(fighters for example) often have to account for frame rate drops, which is why there are ways to overcome it easily.

Here's a more reasonable thing for me to accept.

When doing split screen you use two cameras. When it comes to games, many games that have high frame rate often do not draw everything that can not be seen by the camera. This is called occlusion and it is a VERY COMMON form of game graphics design.

In split screen, you now have two different scenes which need to be drawn by the camera, however, since within the graphics renderer, you now only have one set of occlusion being available, it means the 2nd camera can not draw what it needs to draw. To allow more stuff to be drawn, you basically have to draw two separate scenes, which could be managed by dropping down to 30fps. The same amount of data is drawn from two different occlusion sets, just each set is drawn at half the speed.

To mimic the 60fps for coding purposes, you either parse the frames to appear like they are 60fps to the code, or you reduce the polling operations of the input loop, which makes the code thing that it's getting a response within a 60fps loop. There are other ways to achieve this as well that are more complex. other than that, I see absolutely no reason why an FPS would have to have it's game logic tied to a frame rate. I actually defies computing logic given how the game mechanics work...which is why I said "without knowing the technical reasons".


It's not wise to call people "speculators" when you yourself are also speculating.

I wasn't speculating on the reason why in my first post, just offering my own reasons why it may not be quite the reason they said it was. I didn't downplay the dev, just questioned the reason, and offered up that should the frame rate dip just once, then the reason is completely bogus.

As far as online 4 player co-op, that's great to offer that, but it doesn't invalidate couch co-op or split screen in the least. couch co-op is a ton of fun in Halo, and it's primarily how I've gotten to enjoy the series and come to respect it. I have absolutely no desire to log on to play co-op with my friends online, nor do I when those things are offered. I like socializing with friends the old fashioned way, and don't consider every technical marvel of the modern age better suited to the task.


Possibly. But again, without knowing the technical details I wouldn't care to guess why it would limit split-screen. Seems cloud components should be irrelevant to split screen since cloud is generally for persistent variables, and not pure game play design implementation(not sure I get exactly what I'm trying to say across, but not trying to downplay anything there)

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spicelicka2199d ago

News says you won't need xbox live gold to play halo 5 co-op! This is BIG news even though lack of split-screen co-op is disappointing.

christocolus2199d ago

Xbx live gold not being a requirement for co-op is awesome. More people get to enjoy playing the game with friends Online. I believe this was done to cushion the backlash from the lack of having local split screen co-op.

Moldiver2199d ago

I honestly dont see many split screeners online. And its fair to say most people who play halo, play it online. and who has an xbox one but doesnt have live? I doubt there are many. When you buy/own an xbox, the idea of it not being fully online is just silly. So even the free co op online seems a bit of a moot point. Pretty much all of us have XBLG anyway :)

Not complaining either way though. I just want this game already!

rainslacker2199d ago

I used to deliver pizzas way back in the day and we had a college living area that we delivered to. I often saw people playing split screen Halo or COD or some other FPS.

I'm sure most do play online, but that doesn't mean that people don't play it in split screen mode. Split screen mode can be a lot of fun for these types of games, particularly when the beers start taking effect. It's just the way things go when friends get together. It's what my friends and I do when we get together. Either fighting games or some split screen action.

I'm rather surprised that people aren't being more upset about it since the gaming community seems to get upset over every little thing.

escott0132199d ago

In a game like Halo, split-screen should be in there at all costs. That is how I first experienced Halo. I played through the entire first campaign with my cousin on split-screen and in later games I have played split-screen Halo countless times with my friends.
In high school, we even had a gaming club and would system link two xbox's, each with 4 way split-screen. So much fun.

2199d ago
pivotplease2199d ago

Yeah imo Halo's main draw was the ability to sit down with 3 others and go at it either offline or online. Without that I could see a decent amount of people passing on the game. There are others though who like the campaigns and just play online by themselves (less than half of the people I know but this type of Halo fan is quite pervasive I'm sure). Still a huge disappointment. I probably won't even play Halo thus generation since that's the only way I experience it (split screen on a friend's Xbox).

Yetter2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

sounds like you're an adult now, and so are your friends so you should both be able to afford an XB1, a game and an internet connection

FriedGoat2199d ago

Its not about being an adult.

in terms of fun

split screen > online

SilentNegotiator2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )


So 8 people needing a console and an internet connection is superior "tech wise" to him enjoying it with 8 people on two consoles?

Sounds more like a DIFFERENT method than a BETTER method. And I'm sure that plenty of people would prefer the splitscreen as a different experience.

rainslacker2199d ago

That was my first experience with Halo as well. Although it was at friends houses and not school since I was out of high school when it came out. It still gets a regular place when I hang out with my friends many years later.

I dunno. Maybe I'm just a weird adult that still hangs out with his friends and plays video games. Kinda happy I can make time to do the things I enjoy with friends, because I see so many people who seem to think as an adult you have no time to do anything. I work 40 hours a week, after that, my time is mine.

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Timesplitter142199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

There's 3 things at stake here:
- 60fps
- Split screen
- great graphics

You can have any two of those at the same time, and imo the obvious choice is to keep 60fps and split screen, but lower the graphics quality. Keep good resolution and anti-aliasing, but cut on the polycount and shader/post-process quality.

Lower than 60 fps makes me feel almost sick, but I don't care that much about insane graphics

pivotplease2199d ago

Yes I suppose COD usually has split screen and 60fps. The graphics aren't as nice but clearly that is what needs to be tweaked. Or at least 30fps during split screen.

Moldiver2199d ago

Nah, ditch the splitscreen. Halo MP is better online than with three friends on a couch. I play with my real life friends (as well as my online gamer buddies)over XBL. Plus I like having the whole screen to myself. Who doesnt? split screen will not be missed. 60FPS and visual fidelity is the way to go, and judging by what I have seen, thats the direction 343i are going too.

Im all on board. As are my friends. As im sure most halo players will be. Personally I havent played it in splitscreen since the original xbox. once I was able to play it on X360, online , I never looked back.

rainslacker2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

I'd agree with you. ALthough I'd say give up 60fps or split screen. The difference isn't going to be so drastic that you're going to notice while playing with friends.

However, after seeing the hate, and lawsuit, the KZ:SF got for reducing the graphics for one of their modes, maybe MS is just afraid that it'll face the same fate. People should be really careful what they complain about, because eventually, as devs in an effort to get the best numbers in front of the customer, will just let certain features go that have become expected.


That's great for you. It's great you can do that, and that the way you play is being catered to. But what about people that actually enjoy the split screen experience, and actually have friends that want to hang out with them? Maybe they should get the option as well, and just making a downgraded version for split-screen has been done many times in the past, so why not do it this time? Then everyone gets what they want, and you don't have to be on your knees while in MS defense mode.

holysmokesbatman2199d ago

Petition for splitscreen at 30fps is in order...
I want to play this with my son, like we have with every other Halo game!

Death2199d ago

I started out split screen with my daughter on Halo. I have since bought another Xbox One and MCC so we can play together co-op over Live. For us it is more fun since we are sharing a single screen. She is also much more brave when not sitting next to me. ;)

SilentNegotiator2199d ago


The vast majority of people are NOT going to go out and buy a second of the exact same console for co-op.

callahan092199d ago

I want split screen!! My wife and I play Halo split-screen all the time, one of the few games she likes to play with me, so please let us have it!

Blaze9292199d ago

nooooo no no no we need Split-Screen 343. What is Halo without split-screen!?

garrettbobbyferguson2199d ago

It's sad that you have to compromise on either or in 2015.

zidane13412199d ago

@dialga, congrats that's the dumbest thing I've heard so far today.

PistolsAtDawn2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

60fps is WAYYYYYYY more important to me than split screen to me.

Although I have to say it's awesome that there is so much great stuff about this game that THIS is the biggest thing people can complain about.

Brotard2199d ago

halo without split screen is like halo without split screen. Yeah its that ridiculous!

DevilOgreFish2199d ago

looks really good if it's In-Engine assets. They're sticking to 60fps because it was one of the first things they announced when they first showed Halo5. That E3 event would be pointless if they took it back.

jb2272199d ago

I'm sure it is in engine assets, but a big consideration to take is Game Informer & most magazines reputation for bull shots. All of the magazines will tell you that they digitally manipulate the image to make it look as good as possible for publication, so ultimately I take anything I see in a magazine with a huge pinch of salt. I'm waiting for the proper reveal, and then the inevitable difference in the final product that we've seen out of most marquee AAA titles this gen

rainslacker2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

Why not just do 30fps for split screen? Seems like a fair trade off for couch co-op. i doubt most people are sitting there counting frames when they're having fun with their friends.

ikkokucrisis2199d ago

Looks like the next game will be called
Halo 5: Uncharted Territory

otherZinc2198d ago

I'll be very disappointed without Splitscreen Campaign Co-op. There are several families that I've turned onto Halo just to play the Campaign Co-op.

I'll get over it if it doesn't happen by buying a 3rd XBOX ONE. However, the families that can't purchase a 2nd XBOX ONE for Campaign Co-op, I'll feel their disappointment.

combatcash2198d ago

30 fps with splitscreen would be OK with me.

BallsEye2198d ago

This kind of graphics in 1080p and 60 FPS? magic! Quite funny how XO is the only one having true 1080p 60 fps first party games.